Sunday, November 10, 2013

A weak ankle week.

Ankle injury one week on

I think I have most of my range of motion back in that left ankle now.  The only time I have twinges of any pain are when I go down stairs.

I have a little bit of stiffness when I get up in the morning, but the exercises I do to keep my Flexor Hallucis Longus muscle in shape quickly get that stiffness out.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to give it a trial run on Tuesday.  With new shoes (more on that later) and going on the treadmill-o-doom, I'm hoping that it'll provide enough cushion that the ankle won't give me any troubles.

59 Days until Disney World Check-in

My Disney Experience website had my customization up for my MagicBand for Marathon Weekend.  I've gone with WiSH team colors for this one!  If we get one of these every trip, I might as well take advantage of having different colors.  So my next MagicBand will be Green/Black.

My new MagicBand

If you don't choose, it defaults to grey, which is what color my first one is.

It's the SHOES!

Well, the shoes that I plan on participating in the full marathon with.  If I can run this week, I'm going to start breaking these in ASAP.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14
Yep... wide width once again only comes in White/Blue.  I picked them up the night before the Monumental Half Marathon and have only really tried them on and walked around in them a tiny bit.  They were MUCH more comfortable feeling than the shape my New Balance shoes are in currently.

The remainder of my borked training schedule

Reality check time.  Obviously this weekend will NOT see me do 17 miles.  The most to this point in my training I've done is 10.5-ish.  I'm thinking that at this late point in the schedule, I'm going to have to forego the fallback weeks and do as slow of a progression as I can leading up to the 20 miler in week 15.

Week 11/11/2013 11/12/2013 11/13/2013 11/14/2013 11/15/2013 11/16/2013 11/17/2013
10 Rest 4 m run 8 m pace 4 m Walk Rest 17 Cross
11/18/2013 11/19/2013 11/20/2013 11/21/2013 11/22/2013 11/23/2013 11/24/2013
11 Rest 5 m run 8 m run 5 m Walk Rest 18 Cross
11/25/2013 11/26/2013 11/27/2013 11/28/2013 11/29/2013 11/30/2013 12/1/2013
12 Rest 5 m run 8 m pace 5 m Walk Rest 13 Cross
12/2/2013 12/3/2013 12/4/2013 12/5/2013 12/6/2013 12/7/2013 12/8/2013
13 Rest 5 m run 5 m pace 5 m Walk Rest 19 Cross
12/9/2013 12/10/2013 12/11/2013 12/12/2013 12/13/2013 12/14/2013 12/15/2013
14 Rest 5 m run 8 m run 5 m Walk Rest 12 Cross
12/16/2013 12/17/2013 12/18/2013 12/19/2013 12/20/2013 12/21/2013 12/22/2013
15 Rest 5 m run 5 m pace 5 m Walk Rest 20 Cross
12/23/2013 12/24/2013 12/25/2013 12/26/2013 12/27/2013 12/28/2013 12/29/2013
16 Rest 5 m run 4 m pace 5 m Walk Rest 12 Cross
12/30/2013 12/31/2013 1/1/2014 1/2/2014 1/3/2014 1/4/2014 1/5/2014
17 Rest 4 m run 3 m run 4 m Walk Rest 8 Cross
1/6/2014 1/7/2014 1/8/2014 1/9/2014 1/10/2014 1/11/2014 1/12/2014
18 Rest 3 m run 2 m run
At Disney
At Disney
2 m run

Weighty issue

Yes, once again I'm way up in weight.  The good news is, I'm starting back down again, as my shorts are once again to the point that I need to wear a belt to keep them up.  I went out to lunch more than once this past week.  Once to a supplier chili cook off and the next day was to McAllisters Deli   McAllisters is one of the places that I have a set meal to order, as their website allows you to create a meal and see what it comes out nutrition wise.  I stuck to it, and ordered what I was supposed to.  (1/2 and 1/2 lunch deal, 1/2 New York steamer sandwich and a bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup).  I also had unsweet Iced Tea.

This week will prove to be much easier on the going out to lunch deal, I don't have money to go out to lunch this week!  LOL!  Lunchbox for me!

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Going THE distance in 2014!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon
January 7, 2012-  FINISHED 3:48:49
January 12, 2013-  FINISHED 4:00:29
Indianapolis Monumental 1/2 Marathon
November 3, 2012-  FINISHED 3:37:29
Cincinnati Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon
May 5, 2012-  FINISHED - 3:32:27 PR

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  1. Keep healing that ankle and plugging away at the miles where you can. At this point your mental belief that you will finish will be just as important as the miles. Start visualizing the medal being placed around your neck, the pride of finishing and anything else that will motivate you before, during and after the race!