Saturday, December 28, 2013


Two Weeks

Here we are, about 2 weeks out from the Disney World Marathon.  I'll be at Walt Disney World in 11 days.  I'm excited to be going down.

Other than that, I'm not so excited to be running.

Zero Training

Tomorrow I shall see if I'm finally close to 100% on the ankle.  I'll be lacing up the new Brooks and hitting the treadmill to see how long I can go.

The previous attempts at hitting the treadmill have ended up with the ankle being sore for several days afterwards.

I have been able to do the exercises the doctor told me to do for about a week without any twinges of pain.  The only activity that gives me any problems these days are the stairs at work.  Since this past week and next week will be broken up with a day off at work, I'm feeling much more solid going up and down the stairs.

We shall see how it translates on the Treadmill-o-doom tomorrow.


I'm going to try a new pacing strategy tomorrow also.  I'm shortening the run/walk timing.  I'm going to try 2/1 and see how that feels.  

I actually have the Treadmill-o-doom working a bit better now, so I'm now again able to adjust the incline.

The Treadmill-o-doom is an early iFit model.  It has an input jack for a 'CD Player'.  You could purchase Music/Training CD's that would adjust the Speed and incline of the treadmill automatically.

Well, I never got any of those discs way-back-when.  What I DID find, was there's an APP for that!  It's an iOS app that you can set up a routine and it will operate the treadmill!  I have the app setup on my old iPhone 3 (minus sim card, it's basically an over glorified iPod touch?) and have played around with it some.

The App is a bit rough inputting a routine.  It's very tedious.  So if it's a very long routine you want to do, you have a lot of setup to do.  Still, it's made the Treadmill-o-doom just a tad better to live with.


Inactivity has not done me any good.  I'm up in weight again, the highest I've been since I began my journey.  268.  When I started my journey, I officially weighed in on my first blog at 275.  *sigh*  Best I can describe it now is that I've been in a funk ever since I sprained my ankle at the beginning of November.


So, reality has to set in here.  To be realistic, I'm not going to finish the Marathon.  ( I can hear Rick yelling in the background... "NOOOO, you can do it!!")   

My goal is to see how well I can do to the half way point.  I KNOW i can do a half marathon with little training.  I've been there, Done that.

A full marathon though...  I know that half marathon I was dusted by the end of it.

So here it is.

I WILL get half way.  13.1 miles.  I think that is like...  Animal Kingdom Parking lot.

I'd LOVE to get to the Sports Complex, 20-ish miles.

It'll take all of Tink's Pixie Dust to get me to the finish line at 26.2 miles.

Everything past 13.1 miles, I'll take it.  Whatever it ends up being.

Tracking Zombie Kipp

If you really must, here is the link to track me:

Be mindful, the race is Sunday, January 12th.  The start time is EARLY!  5:30-ish in the morning.  There are more corrals this year, so I may not even be crossing the start line until 6:15 or later!!  Corrals run A through P.  I'm in O.  As in; Oh My!  It's a long way to the start line!

If you have created an account from tracking me or other runners, log in and then look for me!

First Name: Kipp
Last Name: Shinabarger

I should show up as:  KIPP SHINABARGER 45 / M INDIANAPOLIS, IN Marathon

It should also show up on my Facebook timeline.

Looking ahead

2014 Goal - Run 1000 Miles in 2014.
2014 Goal - Loose weight.  No specific goal yet.  Just loose some damn weight.

2014 Races I will be in or expect to be in:

2014 Walt Disney World Marathon (we've already discussed this...)
2014 Indy 500 Mini Marathon - 1/2 Marathon on May 3rd, 2014.  (REGISTERED)
2014 Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon on July 20th, 2014. (Need to Register)

2015 Walt Disney World Goofy Race and a Half Challenge, January 2015.

Some races I'm interested in:

Kentucky Derby Half Marathon.  It's April 19th, and I just don't think I'll be able to make it in 2014.

Marine Corp Marathon - sometime in the future.  Too many friends tell me that this is one to not miss out on. Marine Corp Historic Half (May... cuts into IndyCar time...  Not this year).

Air Force Half Marathon, this one isn't too far away and sounds interesting.  You get to run around Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  September 20th, so this could be doable. Cheapest registration is January 1st.  We'll see :)

Disneyland 1/2, so I can also get a Coast-to-Coast medal.  Some day.  This has to take place within the same year.  So maybe something to start thinking about for 2015?

Thanks for Reading!  Regards,

Going THE distance in 2014!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon
January 7, 2012-  FINISHED 3:48:49
January 12, 2013-  FINISHED 4:00:29
Indianapolis Monumental 1/2 Marathon
November 3, 2012-  FINISHED 3:37:29
Cincinnati Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon
May 5, 2012-  FINISHED - 3:32:27 PR


  1. You are not alone my friend. I am nowhere near where I'd like to be for the Dopey. The first three races - I can do and I'm hoping for some Pixie Dust of my own for the Full. I'm in corral M so not to far ahead of you - wave as you pass me. I'll be wearing neon green shirt and purple skirt with purple Nike shoes.

    I too haven't done so well with the weight and am at my heaviest ever. Not a great way to go in to these races.

    Keep the faith, believe in yourself and do your best no matter what happens!

    1. Thanks. I'm not so sure that I'll be all that speedy. I'll have my new Green and Black WiSH shirt on, black shorts with neon green piping and white and blue Brooks.

      Not so sure on the hat. I learned from this year, the sun is killer, so I NEED to have a hat. Just not one that's dark blue! Whoever designed that RunDisney hat really missed the mark on that one!

      I'll be cheering with the WiSH team at the Half, I'm just not sure where we'll be.