Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My 1 Year Journey enters its 3rd year!

and so it begins...

That's how I started this blog, on March 27, 2011.

2 Years Later....

I had lofty goals 2 years ago, when i boldly stated that I was on a mission to loose 100lbs in one years time.  I made it 40% of the way!  

At the lowest, I made it to 242.  I then slowly went back up over 250 again.  Then last year I stayed at almost the exact same weight all year long, right around 250ish.  

I have been put onto medication for the Type 2 Diabetes.  This could have been part of the problem last year, I didn't get the weight off quick enough and the Diabetes progressed further.  I've managed to get some of the weight off that I had gained back, but I'm still struggling.

It's still a matter of more activity and controlling the portion sizes of what I eat.  My only really bad part of the day is when I go out to lunch.  I'm still consuming about twice as many calories than I should be at lunch.  Breakfast and Dinner I've been doing very well with, since that is food consumed here at home.  I KNOW that I shouldn't be ordering what I do... but my will power is zilch at lunch.  That seems to be the time of the day that I'm hungriest.

I've tried snacking mid-morning and mid-afternoon, but I've not had success with that as of yet.  I think if I make it into a habit AND follow through with ordering what I SHOULD, I may start making good progress again.


Last year I signed up for another Half Marathon and while training for that, suffered my first injury running.  I barely made it through that race experience last November.  Had it not been for my new Disney Running buddy, Rick, I probably wouldn't have!

Back then, I had thought I had aggravated the Achilles bursa.  I know today, that was a false (self) diagnosis.  It was actually the Flexor hallucis longus muscle, a muscle that runs behind the area I thought was affected.   

I'm currently doing many things to help this, most of the information is found at this link: Physio Advisor.  This time, under more legitimate diagnosis.

I once again did the Walt Disney World half and encountered a different problem, HEAT.  Even through I had spent last summer running in the extreme heat that we had here, I still started to dehydrate.  The first half of the race was going very well as far as my speed and I was all set to get a PR.  Then the heat hit me on the back half of the course and I almost went down in Epcot.  I got to the point where I was a bit dizzy and the last water stop was in the perfect place.  I managed to complete the race, but with a very disappointing time.

On the increase of physical activity, I'm currently in training for another Half Marathon, this time in Cincinnati, The Flying Pig Half Marathon.  Once again, this is another race I'll be with my Disney Running Buddy, Rick.

Still slacking on the Cross-training...

On the Cross training portion, I'm looking into some plans.  I first looked into some of the fad home plans going around right now, INSANITY and P90X.  Then, once I dug deeper, I found some truths about it.  Those programs are for people that already have a good level of fitness.  Even though I can slog through a half marathon now, I'm still FAR from FIT.

I'm currently looking at maybe picking & choosing from those 2 plans and taking the "easiest" cardio & stretching portions and molding them into something that may be beneficial   We were joking at work that if we play the videos at half speed, they might be better for us!  LOL!

Gadget(s) & Shoes Updated...

I did it!  I won a bid on a "new" Garmin Forerunner 610!  It was JUST the watch & charger, but all the other stuff I have with the 405CX works with it too.  So no real loss.  I'm getting used to it, the touch screen is a bit harder to work with than the 405's touch bezel.  It takes a heavier touch to get it to register, but it works when wet.  The vibrate feature is AWESOME.  

I also came across a GREAT deal on a new pair of shoes.  I went with a pair of New Balance 870V2's and they have surprised me.  They are just as cushy as my Brooks Trance!  I'll have these shoes broken and primed just in time for the Flying Pig half!

My thanks!

My thanks go out to all of those that have supported me in the past 2 years!  I've met many amazing people along the way that I'm awfully glad to be able to call friends now.

It means a lot to me that you've taken time to read this blog of mine, thanks for reading!  


Lighter, Stronger & Faster for 2013!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon
January 7, 2012-  FINISHED 3:48:49 January 12, 2013-  FINISHED 4:00:29 Indianapolis Monumental 1/2 Marathon November 3, 2012-  FINISHED 3:37:29

Next Race: Cincinnati Flying Pig - 5/5/13

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  1. The journey is never over :)! Congrats on all you have accomplished and what's still to come!