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Marathon Weekend Report - Day 4 - 1/2 Marathon

After the Half Marathon

See 1/2 Marathon Report

I took a picture of myself with my bling on my trip back to the resort!

Me and my new Bling

After I soaked in a cold tub and then took a warm shower, I got dressed and Dad and I headed out to the Magic Kingdom.
I'm looking a little burnt.  Monorail to MK

I was going to meet up with Rick and go to the WDW Radio Show meet of the month.  We were there early for the meet and I was HUNGRY!  Dad and I went up to the podium for the Plaza Restaurant and were able to get a wait time for a table.  This small place is usually overlooked and it is a nice place to eat.  Very much comfort food oriented.

Here is a link to the Plaza Restaurant menu.
We met up with Rick and made it over to the meet.  I got to speak with Lou for a few minutes, it had been a couple of years since I had met up with him!!  He congratulated me for the race and I thanked him for him and his team cheering me on near the end, I really needed the boost going into Epcot!

Lou Mongello... sort of... picture messed up :(
Some people I don't know.  Okay, it's a Picture of the Castle. 

Rick was meeting back up with his family and Dad and I went on some rides.  It was VERY crowded and with my moving about was going slowly, Dad and I decided that we were going to start thinking about where we were going to go for dinner.  

We went to Downtown Disney to do a little bit of shopping.  I picked up a couple of pins and we decided to try and do a walk up at Raglan Road for dinner.

We only had to wait for a little bit for one of the outside seats.  It was a fantastic night to be outside and we really enjoyed ourselves.  We had a sausage appetizer and it was REALLY good.  I went for my normal Sheppard's Pie and Dad had a lamb and pasta dish that he said he would definitely get again!

After dinner, I managed to walk around for a bit more.  We decided to call it a night and headed back to the resort.

I vowed that I would go and cheer with other WiSH members at the area near Disney's Hollywood Studios.  It wasn't going to be a really early wakeup, but was still going to be early enough :)

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Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon
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  1. Congrats on the half finish - it was a tough day for sure!