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Marathon Weekend Report - Day 5 - Marathon Day

Marathon Day/Goofy Challange Day 2!


Sunday morning Dad and I went to the Pop Century food court and grabbed breakfast before we headed out to Disney Hollywood Studios   I was going to meet up with some of our WiSH scream team members to cheer on our team mates and others as they went past us.

We were set up right near the boat dock just outside of Hollywood Studios.  This section is getting towards the end of the full marathon course, as they went by us to head over to Epcot to finish up the race!

WiSH hands out Twizzlers (YUM!) and pretzels to any that want them. Sweaty hugs are gladly accepted.  They were also handing out frozen wet cloths to runners because of how HOT of a day it was!  

Animal Kingdom people join us at Hollywood Studios

The Marathon Show podcast guy!

More Team Hakuna Matata coming through!

I'm taking a picture of you taking a picture of me!

The cold/frozen cloths were a huge hit on this HOT day!
I was getting to the point that I had to go grab some lunch.  So I headed on into Hollywood Studios and went to Backlot Express quick service and I bumped into Amy from the Relocated Tourist blog!  Her family had lived in Wisconsin and managed to pick up and move to Orlando!  I had a very nice chat with her.
I bumped into Amy, The Relocated Tourist blogger!
I then did a few things by myself at the Studios.  I grabbed a Carrot Cake cookie from Starring Rolls and it was awesome!  I then headed down to Rock'n'Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror.  While I was down at that end, I picked up a Frozen Lemonade, one of my favorite things at Disney World!

It was getting closer to the time for our team dinner, so I headed out from Studios and took a boat over to Epcot.  I didn't really do a lot through Epcot, other than just look around.  I was mainly just wanting to get over to the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom.

Our dinner was at Whispering Canyon at Wilderness Lodge near the Magic Kingdom.  They now serve mainly family style dinner and have some really good milkshakes!  
Team dinner at Whispering Canyon

The common thing said to our waitress, was MOAR MEAT!  We went through many plates of meat and just a couple plates of the side dishes.

We had a great time, but people were getting worn out, as some had run the Half the day before AND the Full Marathon that morning!  Some people also had to start packing to leave the next day.
We went to Magic Kingdom for a LITTLE while
Vicky, Rick and I went on into the Magic Kingdom for a little bit of park time.  We rode Pirates (YEAH!  No breakdown and didn't get soaked!).  We watched the fire works and then went into The Haunted Mansion.  After the visiting the ghosts, we were going past the Mad Hatter Tea Cups.  I said that that was a ride I had never been on, so Vickey and Rick insisted that we ride it!  

It was extra magic hours at The Magic Kingdom  but we were all pretty worn out by this time!  

I started to pack up some of my stuff once I got back to the room, as I was also leave the next day, just not early.

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  1. Isn't it awesome spectating at the full. So inspiring seeing all those runners out there slogging through those miles!