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Marathon Weekend Report - Day 6 - Going Home

Last Day at Disney World... for this trip.

The day started off with me finishing up my packing.  I then made my way down to the airport check in stand.  Disney Magical Express had already dropped my boarding pass off to the room.  I also had already made my call that morning to pay for my checked bag.  (Flew Airtran home, $25 1st checked bag fee BS).

Once I was done with that, I checked in my carry on luggage to the bag storage.  This year I made triply sure that I had my ID with me when I left baggage check in!!  I grabbed a bus and headed over to Disney's Hollywood Studios.  

Once at Studios, I walked over to the Boardwalk for the WiSH team bling meet.  I grabbed a muffin and some orange and water for breakfast.  This was the final meet up and it was great to talk and meet with everyone for one last time this trip!  

I somehow managed to not get a copy of our group picture at Boardwalk.

Rick and I made our way over to Epcot by the boats after splitting away from the meetup.  
Rick and I at Epcot

View of Spaceship Earth from the Japan Paviliion
The drummers in the Japan Pavilion.
Lunch at UK Pavilion
Rick and I spent a little bit of time together before he headed out.  I grabbed some lunch at the UK pavilion, as I hadn't had the fish & chips in quite some time.  They got rid of the packaged cookies that they used to have, and now have a baked cookie instead.  It was okay, but I rather missed the other packaged shortbread cookies...

After lunch I wanted to get a little bit of Magic Kingdom time in one last time for this trip.  I took the Monorail over and enjoyed a bit of walking around.
One last spin through Magic Kingdom
See you later PUSH!
I may or may not have stopped at the Main Street Confectionery on the way out and grabbed a piece of fudge....  *innocent look*  (yes... it's SOOOOO good)

All too soon it was time to head back to Pop Century to pick up my carry-on luggage and wait for the bus back to the airport.
Heading back to Pop Century one last time this trip.
Here's Magical Express to take us to MCO...

Bus Shelter at Indy Airport
The trip back was fairly uneventful.  Since I remembered to take a picture of the bus shelter, once I got back to Indy I was able to find the car in short order and get into my heavy winter coat once again!  I got onto the interstate and went on home.  It wasn't quite as late as I had gotten in last year, but it was still late enough that that alarm clock in the morning was going to be much too early!

Finally, this brings me to the end of my trip report for my JANUARY trip to Walt Disney World for the 2013 Marathon Weekend!

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