Monday, March 25, 2013

Marathon Weekend Report - Day 3 - 5K Day

My First 5K!!!

Yes, I have done two half marathons, but have never done an official 5K!!

My phone alarms went off and I was up and at 'em.  I had set out my running gear the night before, so I hit the shower and jumped into my kit.

I then went down to the bus stop to wait for some of our other team members to head over to Epcot for the event.
Arriving at the Family Fun Run 5K, it's PACKED!
Yes, they ran in those!
Meeting up with Team Hakuna Matata at Family Fun Run 5K
It's almost our time to go!
Here we go!
Coming from backstage to the backside of Test Track
Mile 1 of the 5K... why don't they put out markers per K???
Test Track with the sun coming up behind us!

I cannot even begin to describe how CROWDED it was for this event.  It has put me off of wanting to do this again. Overall, my time was good, but our team was separated right from the start due to how crowded it was.  I decided that I would just do my own thing.  I thought I was doing really well, but then apparently I had too much water before the race and I had to make a quick pit stop at the Morocco rest area.  

I didn't see ANYONE I knew at the finish, so I got onto a bus and went straight back to Pop Century to get ready for our team meet breakfast at Kona Cafe!

Team Hakuna Matata Breakfast time!

I was one of the first ones to make it over to Kona and I stood around watching people eat breakfast while my stomach was reminding me that it was WAY PAST TIME to eat, especially since we did a 5K that morning!

Waiting at Kona Cafe
Team Breakfast meet at Kona Cafe
A first for me!  The infamous Tonga Toast at Kona Cafe!
All gone!  MMMmmmmm!
I think we had a group of 16 for breakfast.
Team Hakuna Matata goes on longest Pirates ride!

Several of us decided to go into the Magic Kindom, whereas others were heading back to the Expo.

The first ride we decide to do is to go on Pirates of the Caribbean!  We had dismissed Jungle Cruise as there was a bit of a wait and Pirates looked to be a walk on. 

That was right, we got onto the ride in very short order.  They're working on the queue to this ride, as I think they're going to be making one of the sides a Fastpass + entrance.

The ride started off normally and we were able to see the new Mermaids added to the beginning of the ride.  We then went down the plunge and entered into the next scene.  We started to come around to the Mayor dunking scene... only to STOP.  There was a solid line of boats in front of us, apparently filling the ENTIRE rest of the ride.  Unfortunately for us, we weren't into the next scene yet and were getting hit by one of the water cannons... EVERY 60 seconds!  Dave and his wife were on the left side of the boat and Vickey and i were on the right side, RIGHT NEXT to one of those cannons.  Vickey bore the brunt of it, while I got totally soaked on the right side.  We were stuck in that position for about 40 minutes!!

No, this isn't me coming off of Splash Mountain
 Funny thing is, last year I came off of Pirates dripping wet  after the 1/2 Marathon!

Compensation for getting soaked on Pirates.
Vickey got 2 (eventually 3) compensation tickets for getting totally soaked, I got one.  Once we were out of the ride, Dave and his wife decided that the Magic Kingdom wasn't so magic today and we had a WiSH meetup later, so they headed out.  Vickey and I went shopping!  The voucher ticket is only good at Magic Kingdom, so we went off to get some new stuff to take the place of our soaked items.
Compensation cashed in on new shirt!
Team WiSH Pop Century Meet up!

Once we had completed our shopping, we headed out to go back to Pop Century.  I spent a little bit of time in the room relaxing and then I made my way down to the Pop Century quick service dining area.  I met up with people that I hadn't seen since last year and we all had a great time catching up as quickly as we all could.  All too quickly it was time for us to head outside to have our group picture taken!  

Team WiSH
Team Hakuna Matata

Rick trying to track his family down for dinner.

Once we chatted for a while it was getting time to grab something to eat!  Many of us from Team Hakuna Matata decided to dine together.  This turned into a bit of a mistake, because we all stayed out too late chatting!  We had a FANTASTIC time and were really disappointed that it was past time for us to be back in our rooms going to sleep!!

We finally broke up and went back to our rooms, as those wake up calls and alarms were going to be VERY early indeed!

I got back to our room and I laid out my kit for the half marathon and then went to bed!

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  1. Sorry you had such a tough time with the 5K. I actually thought it was much better this year with the corrals...

    I have gotten soaked on Pirate's many times - not for that length of time, but it's so strange how wet the ride is now!