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Marathon Weekend Report - Day 2 - Expo +

Going to Expo

Most of our race team decided to meet and head over to the Expo together.  First I got breakfast at the Pop Century quick service area.  It was a really good Chorizo Spinach Omelette.  

Breakfast at Pop!  Chroizo Spinach Omelette.
Once I was done with breakfast, I went out to wait for the busses and our team mates to head over to the Expo.  I took that chance to make sure my GPS watch had it's satellite locks in.
Getting the Satellite lock in on the Garmin (405CX)

Waiting to catch the bus to the Expo
Half of our group went into packet pickup and the other half decided to hit the merchandise first to make sure they got the items they wanted.  Once into the Expo, we were treated to a new RunDisney shoes by New Balance.  They, of course, do not come in a WIDE size.  
The new RunDisney Shoes on display at Expo
After Expo
I picked up my packets with very little trouble and made it over to the merchandise building of the Expo.  I ran into other team mates when it was starting to get VERY crowded and we were all ready to leave.  Dave and his wife were nice enough to treat me to a ride back to Pop Century.  I met back up with Dad and we headed out to Epcot.
Heading into Epcot

Drummers in Japan are always great.
We ended up having lunch at the Japan Pavilion's quick service.  We actually had to wait a few minutes for it to open, but I was glad to just sit down for a while, knowing that I really should be taking it easy.
Voices of Liberty at the American Paviliion

Waiting for Off Kilter at the Canada Pavilion
Dad and I went around and mainly enjoyed the live entertainment around World Showcase.  I was to meet up with Rick for dinner over at the Grand Floridian resort, so Dad and I parted ways and I took the Monorail over to Magic Kingdom.
Getting ready to leave Epcot
Since I was still early for our dinner time, I decided to go on into the Magic Kingdom.  I rode the railroad in the full circle and then stayed to see the Flag Retreat.
Killing some time at Magic Kingdom

Looking down at Main Street USA

Taking a ride on the train.
If you have never watched the Flag Retreat at Magic Kingdom, it's worth the wait.  They pick out a member of our military and then honor them with that flag.  There was a wounded warrior that they were honoring this day.  It's a very touching thing to witness.
Made it back around in time to see the flag retreat.

Once the flag retreat was completed, it was closer to our check-in time for dinner.  I made my way out of the park and headed over to the Grand Floridian on the Monorail.

Rick was running behind, so I let the gals at the podium know and they let me know that it was okay.  

Rick and I had a great dinner over at the Grand Floridian Cafe.  This was my first time eating there and it was a great meal.  I had the catch of the day and I was very pleased to have gotten that.

This is where I've gotten a bit fuzzy.  I'm pretty sure that we headed out to make our way back to Pop Century.  It was going to be our first early AM wake up call for the 5K race on Friday morning!

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  1. The expo can definitely be crazy crowded! Sounds like it went okat for you though!