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A Year of Silence

What happened before

Chicago Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon July 20, 2014

  In May, the doctor prescribed a new medication for me.  I had NO idea how it would affect me in a race setting.  Some things learned:

1) GU / Cliff Gels, no longer a good idea for me.  This new medication didn't like the pure sugar bomb effect these have and tore me up.
2) Gatorade/Power-aide, A few drinks of these had me feeling like I wanted to barf. 

Rick had other types of replenishment and they were much more acceptable to my stomach.

With pretty much no training, it took everything I had to continue on.  Without Rick and Mike, I'd have bailed when my stomach went nuclear. 

Since this event, I have found Hammer Nutrition products do not have these adverse effects on me.

Air Force Marathon  September 20, 2014

Bailed on this event.  No training due to being a lazy ass and getting ready to move the following week or so after this event.

I also had a "not-mandatory" but suggested mandatory company function to attend that evening.

Rick went to this event and didn't have a good go of it.  It was very hot and humid.  Not an ideal situation for a Marathon held at an Air Force field and area, or any type of area really.

Indianapolis Monumental 1/2 Marathon November 1, 2014

Rick came down for this one again!  I had next to no training for this one.  Moving at the beginning of October had played havoc with any plans I had originally made.  Plus the fact that I was still just being a lazy ass.

Rick stuck with me to about the 10K/Half Way point.  At that time, he went on ahead, as the portion of the course we were still on was about to officially "close".  We could still progress on, only on the side walks.

It was much better once I got to the point where the full marathon and half marathon courses re-joined.  They had done something different.  They actually marked the left side of the road as the half-marathoners and the right side as the full.  So, here I was, practically the sole person on the half marathon side as the full marathoners zipped by me on the right.

Many words of encouragement from the full marathoners!  I had a Mickey Mouse hoodie on, and many of them would go by and shout "GO MICKEY!".  It brightened up my mood considerably.

I finished.  Not last, that I found out later, but darn near so.

Space Coast 1/2 Marathon November 30, 2014

Rick was thinking of bailing on this event, until I let him know that I was signed up for it too.

Rick stuck with me for the first several miles, almost to the half-way point.  We walked most of that time.  After Rick departed, I fell into a decent pace until the half way point.

This race is an out and back race, so the wind was to the back on the way out.  Coming back, it was in my face.  I kept going along, getting some running in when I could.

I finished.

2015 Disney World Marathon Weekend

I signed up for the Goofy anniversary race(s).

My last preparation for this event, was the Space Coast Half.

The Half Marathon.

Dead. Last. Finish. 

I started my battle with the Balloon ladies coming into Magic Kingdom.  There is a hard cutoff right at the area where you double back to enter into the Magic Kingdom.  We had to be in front of them when we got to that bus.  I made it.

The next battle was on the road going past Polynesian Resort.  The ladies let us know once again, if we weren't in front of them by the time they passed the bus, you were done.  I managed to get in front of them with great effort.  This is where I know 2 of the blisters popped.

The remainder of the course, I was followed closely by the safety team on bikes.  They let me know that as long as I could communicate with them and I was making an effort to continue, I was probably safe.  They spoke with me often, if I started to slow down.  They urged me onward, or else they would have to pull me.

On the way back to Epcot, I was surrounded by many of the Team in Training coaches, as they were concerned about their last person.  A young lady that was participating in the race, very pregnant.  Between her and I, we were the LAST.  Even though I wasn't part of Team in Training, they commented on my WiSH team shirt, saying that they saw those shirts at as many races as they were at.  They loved our saying, and it certainly was going to apply to me on this day.

Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish which greatly trumps Did Not Start.  DLF>DNF>>DNS.  This motto is now a charm on my RoadID wrist band.

I got lost in the crowd of coaches and they celebrated the last runner as the pregnant lady.  If you saw the live feed, I come across the line after she did.  I didn't care, at that point, I was glad I was done.

Dead.  Last.  FINISHED!

I wound up with very bad blisters on both feet.  So I didn't even attempt 
starting the Full Marathon.  With no training and having managed to complete the half, I left it where it was.

I cheered on my friends and everyone else that was in the marathon with the rest of our WiSH running teammates at the Hollywood Studios area.

There is a much longer story to the Marathon Weekend adventure, but I'll write that up another time.

Where am I going from here?

I'm almost back to square one, from when I first started this blog.  I'm back up even heavier than I was last year, topping out at a massive 285 pounds.  I've made some efforts and have lost the first 5 pounds to put me back at my goal.

To loose one hundred pounds...

With that, I'll end it for tonight.  The rest of the story begins tomorrow.

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp

2015 - something, something!

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