Monday, March 30, 2015

Moving Forward

Training has begun!
Not for a half or full marathon, but another type of endurance race.

A Century Bike Ride.  In this case, the Century is 100 Miles. 

This is my first attempt at a fund raising event.  Frankly, I kinda suck at it.  My Dad has been my only supporter so far.  

I went with the lowest goal of $500.00.

This is to support the American Diabetes Association.  Because of my weight issues and family history, this is quite relevant to me.  I've been bouncing in and out of the Type II Diabetes area for years now.

A good friend from work, his daughter is Type I.  I have met his wonderful little girl and admire her for her battle against this terrible condition.  At times, I'm ashamed of myself. She was born like this and has no choice in the matter.  For me, it IS a choice.  I've done this to myself by not staying healthy.  I need to stop this cycle and with this event, I hope to begin the path back to a healthier lifestyle.  Along the way, I'd like to help out a little by getting my goal, and hopefully a little more.

If you can please help me, click on the Tour de Cure logo above, which will take you to my donations page.

W1D1 Couch to 5K
I'm still running, as part of my training for the bike ride.  Today was my first training day, which I began with starting the Couch to 5K program once again.

Start from the beginning.  I know what worked before, it can work again.

Even though it was about 60 degrees F out, I decided to do this first run on the treadmill-o-doom.  Start off on the springy surface before hitting the asphalt again.

Was it like starting C25K was 4 years ago?  Not at all.  Sure, I was tired and I'm feeling a bit sore now, but I was pretty much able to handle Day 1 at my "normal" pace.  

The idea this go around, I have a base to start from.  I want to get better than I ever was in the past 3 years!

Goals for this year
I want to finish the Century ride with my good friend Rick.  I talked him into this, so I had better be ready for this!!

My running goals for this year?  I'm not even sure I'm going to sign up for any races for this year.

I do want to return to Disney.  I would like to do the Half once again and get A PR!  A few of the WiSH running team are going to be there next year and I will look forward to being with them once again!

The only other race I'm even possibly thinking of is the Indy Monumental Half Marathon.  Last year was the first medal in a 4 year series.  I'm thinking that I'd kinda like to get the whole series of medals!

Other than that, the number one goal is to loose weight, get fit, get healthy!

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp

2015 - Rebuilding from the Shoes up!

Check the link above to see my current and past races.

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