Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's the SHOES!!

So, here are the Brooks Adreneline GTS 11's (left) and the Asics 2150 (right) next to each other.

Once I wore most of the tread down on the Brooks, I ordered the Asics due to the great deal I got on them.  The Brooks have about 350 miles on them at this point, as I've now designated them to normal everyday walking around shoes.

I got 2 pair of the Asics 2150's for the what was the price of just one pair.  I have one pair Blue and one pair red on the Asics.  The blue shoe you see there is from the pair that I ran the Disney World 1/2 Marathon in.  I rotate them when I run, but tend to favor the blue pair.  I've probably logged 50 or so more miles on the blue pair than the red at this point.

My local running shop at the time I bought the Brooks, also suggested the Asics.   I had even tried both of them on at the shop, and they had me run on their treadmill with the Asics on.  They weren't the correct width and I'd have had to order the shoes regardless of which ones I wanted.  I had bought Brooks shoes before and was satisfied with them, so that's what I ordered back then.

The Asics just aren't as comfortable as the Brooks.  I didn't get any blisters or anything when I ran the 1/2 Marathon.  It's just that they aren't the Brooks.

The best that I can explain it, see how boxy the Brooks are compared to the pointy taper that the Asics have?  The shape of my foot fit better into the Brooks shoe than the Asics.

The Asics tend to squish in on my little toe area because my foot just doesn't have that much of an angle from the large toe to the pinky toe.

Some of my friends have kidded me about having "hobbit" feet.  In order to fit the width of my foot, I'd have to get the Asics another 1/2 size larger and then have to battle the possibility that my foot would then start sliding back to front as I run, let alone the toe flex area then being in the wrong spot for my foot.

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  1. Shoes make such a huge difference. Wear the ones that fit the best and keep you wanting to run :)!