Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 1 Day 3 of the "And I ran. I ran so far away." plan

Here we are at the end of my first week of my yet to be named running plan.

My focus is really on getting faster.  So on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm varying the speeds that I'm going, trying to work in a speed that I'm not comfortable with and going with it for as long as I can manage.

Then what I thought I'd do on my Saturdays was to focus on keeping consistent.  So, in the past, my longer runs I'd keep my pace at 4.0 mph and keep going.  Tonight I bumped it up to 4.1!  Ohhhh.... Ahhhhh.  I also kept my walking pace up to 3.5 most of the time.

My general plan from here on out is to keep incorporating some faster intervals on Tuesdays and Thursdays and keeping it consistent on Saturdays, while over time, bumping that Saturday overall pace up little by little.

My segments worked out something like this tonight:

1/4 Mile warm up, started at 3.0 then increased to 3.5 after a minute or so. (.25)
1 mile at 4.1 mph (1.25)
1/4 mile at 3.5 again (1.5)
1/2 mile at 4.1 mph, then I had to pause for the cause (2.0)
1/4 mile at 3.0 up to 3.5 after the pause (2.25)
1 mile at 4.1 mph (3.25)
1/4 mile at 3.5 (3.5)
1/2 mile at 4.0 (4.0)
1/4 mile at 4.1 (I noticed I wasn't doing 4.1 at this point!  ooops) (4.25)
.30 mile at 3.5 (I wasn't paying attention and went over what I intended by a bit)

4.55 Miles total tonight.

With the pause in the middle, I kinda got a bit messed up on how far I had gone, as I INTENDED to keep with full mile segments.  Now  that I have it "written down" I see where I only really messed up at the end.

Well, a pair of shoes I'd like to get are on clearance at Running Warehouse and I'm just really debating on getting them.  It'll put a dent in my budget a little bit... and I really don't NEED them yet, as the 2 pairs of Asics I have in rotation are still very light in miles.  But I'd just really like to get back into the Brooks as I'm not finding the Asics as comfortable as the Brooks I've had.

The Asics 2150s have been decent shoes.  But I just haven't been able to really nail down why I feel so much better in the Brooks.  One of the only reasons I can think of is the Brooks have the larger toe box.

By the time I make up my mind, they'll probably be out of them and that will be that...

Talking with family today, and put a bug in their ear to see if we can find out when our Family Reunion will be this summer.  If the July 23rd weekend is open... I may see about heading up north for a Half in Chicago.  Entry fee isn't bad... it'll be the room prices that are killer!  Sheesh!

I still need to get with my friends in the D.C. area to find out if we're going to meet up this summer too!  I'm really looking forward to that, whenever it may be, since we didn't get together last year.  Maybe instead of playing video games, we'll go out for a run!  Heh :)

I've already begun my planning in Streets & Trips for my Thanksgiving vacation to see family in Florida.  We're going to shoot for leaving Wed after work again and spending the night in Chattanooga, this year I'll know not to jump onto the interstate right away, I'll take local roads till I'm south of Greenwood so I can avoid that parking lot at I-465 & I-65 junction!  Then it'll be from Chattanooga to West Palm Beach on Thanksgiving day.  That's all of the plan I have lined up so far :)

Well, I'm done babbling on for now...

Thanks for Reading!  Regards,


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  1. I like that your varying the speeds more.

    Do you only run on the treadmill? Just curious as I know that treadmills are much different than the differing terrain of being outside and having to push yourself through that and wind and such.

    Have you ever had a shoe fitting to make sure you're using the correct shoe type for your feet? It could be that the shoes aren't right for your feet and that's why they aren't as comfortable. It could just be the brand too - I am pretty brand loyal because of that.

    Sounds like you have some good trips planned. Hope they all work out for you.

    1. I've tried running outside during the cold, but my lungs aren't happy when I've tried that. Anything below 50 degrees and my lungs just burn for days. So I'm inside on the treadmill, for at least another couple of weeks.

      Yes, I've been to my local running store. That is where I got my Brooks Adreneline GTS 11's. They also suggested the Asics at that time, but I had previous shoes from Brooks that I liked.

      I ran through the treads on the Brooks and Asics was in the middle of their model change from 2150's to 2160's. I picked up 2 pair of 2150's for less than the price of what 1 pair had been.

      When I sit the Brooks & Asics next to each other, you can see that the Brooks are rather flat and boxy at the toe end where the Asics come more to a point.