Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 1 Day 2 of the "I Should’ve Turned Left at Albuquerque Plan"

Tonight's run was a bit different.  I had dinner late tonight and didn't want to wait too long before I hit the treadmill-o-doom.

Started off with my normal 1/4 mile warm up walk.  I was feeling a little off on my right hip, so I took it easy at 3mph.  By the time that was done, I was feeling okay.  I decided I'd try to do some 1/2 mile stints at a higher than normal pace.

I decided to punch in 4.3 mph for my run.  I could feel that it was harder than my normal runs, but I was able to maintain breathing fine throughout the 1/2 mile.  I returned to a 3mph walk for a 1/4 mile.

During my walk portion, I drank some of the Berry mix Wal*mart stuff.  It seemed better tonight than the last time I had it.

I then entered into another run segment... and that's when things started turning a bit sour, so to speak.  The mixture of dinner and the Berry mix Gatoradeish stuff wasn't mixing well when I started to run again. I made it through another 1/2 mile and was thankful when I got to my next 1/4 mile walk.

I tried going into another run segment, but my stomach was warning me that continuing on this path wasn't the wisest decision tonight.  So I called it at the 1/4 mile mark and did a 1/4 mile cool down walk.

Went shopping last night for a new winter coat.  Had a Kohls 30% off card in the mail that started yesterday.  I did find something that I could wear and with the already 70% off coat and the additional 30% off, the total on it was only $25 or so!

The coat that is going to get dropped off to Goodwill is an XXL that I got a few years ago at Kohls, and that one was $35, so I think I got my monies worth out of it!

I also picked up a "tech" jacket for $18 and less the 30%.  It looks like it will be a nice spring/fall time jacket to wear.

I looked to see if there was anything suitable for running, but they seem to not carry many items in XL size in the athletic sections.  Didn't see any shorts or pants.  There were are few shirts, but I've already got enough tech shirts for running...

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  1. Ah, the sour stomach problem - been there done that. Never fun!

    Sounds like you got a couple of great coats for a good price.