Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 1 Day 1 - Make it up as I go Plan

Tonight I did a total of 4 miles again, but had a little bit of change up:

1/4 Mile - Warm up walk
1/4 Mile @ 5 mph (12 minute mile)
3/4 Mile @ 4 mph (15 minute mile)
1/4 Mile @ 3 mph (20 minute mile walk)
1/4 Mile @ 4.7 mph
3/4 Mile @ 4 mph
1/4 Mile @ 3 mph
1/4 Mile @ 5 mph
3/4 Mile @ 4.1 mph
1/4 Mile @ 3.3 mph (cool down walk)

The 1/4 miles at 5 mph were difficult.  It was pushing it and by the end of the 1/4 mile I was huffing pretty hard.

The 1/4 mile at 4.7 wasn't as bad as the 5's, but was still breathing pretty hard.

The last 1/4 at 4.1 mph I was beginning to run out of energy.

Once I got of the treadmill-o-doom, I was drenched in sweat.  That's part of this deal running on the treadmill in the house.  It get's pretty darn HOT sometimes when I'm running.

I went through a whole 16 oz bottle of the new Wal*Mart Gatorade like powder for water tonight (Great Value Tropical Blend Energy Mix).  So far I've tried the Tropical and the Mixed Berry.  So far the Tropical mix is much better than the Mixed Berry.  The Mixed Berry is really too sweet tasting for me while I'm running.  It kinda reminds me of berry syrup than a drink.  It just seems to get thick in my mouth when I drink it (I know, sounds strange..)  The Tropical mix is pretty much a pineapple taste.

The other flavors available are orange and Iced Tea & Lemonade.  Whenever I see an orange powder drink, the first thing I think of is TANG.

After my run I got a quick shower in and had my after run banana while I started this blog entry :)

I think that'll do it for tonight!

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  1. Good job pushing yourself and working on that speed. It's going to make a huge difference and before you know it that 5mph will feel like 4 and you'll be upping the speed again.