Sunday, February 12, 2012

End of Week Zero

This week I've been on the treadmill twice.  Last Tuesday and today.

Last Tuesday I did a few intervals to see how speeding things up would feel.  Overall, it went better than I really expected.  I don't think I hit a limit yet, so next speed intervals I'm going to start a bit faster than I did last time and see how it goes.

Last Tuesday I basically started off with my usual 1/4 mile warm up walk.  I did tweak it up some, and started at 3.5 and ended it at 3.7 mph.  I then did the following intervals:

1  3/4 mile @ 4.5 mph, 1/4 mile @ 3.5
2  3/4 mile @ 4.2 mph, 1/4 mile @ 3.2
3  3/4 mile @ 4.0 mph, 1/4 mile @ 3.0

I didn't think it was too awful bad since I hadn't been running regularly lately.

Tonight I planned to just keep it nice and steady.  I again started with a 1/4 mile warm up walk at 3.0 mph.  I then did intervals of 1 mile @ 4.0 mph followed by 1/4 mile @ 3.0mph to total out at 4.0 miles.

I think next week, I may add another interval to that.  Tonight I felt fine afterwards, but didn't want to push it too much.

My plan is to have my running schedule for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  I'm going for speedier intervals on Tuesday and Thursday with Saturday being a "Longer slow run".

Tonight was also my first night with my new toy.  I had one item I splurged on with my Tax Returns.  I bought a cheap Android 7" tablet.  I've loaded it up with some shows and movies to watch while I run.  It worked out pretty well tonight.  My first movie?  Spirit of the Marathon (2007).  I'm a good portion through it with just tonight's run of over an hour.  Interesting - yes. No, it still doesn't inspire me to run the Disney Full next year.

Now I have a plan, now I have to stick to it.  End of week zero.

Now on to the ugly news.  Since I haven't been running regularly, it's really showing up in the scale.  I've been stuck in the 240's since last AUGUST.  Lunchtime has been really my bad point lately.  While I was running 4 days a week training for the 1/2 Marathon last year, it was easy to hide those extra calories away because I was burning them all off quickly.

Week Date Kipp Weekly% Overall%
0 3/22/2011 275
1 1/6/2012 247 10.18% 10.18%
2 1/13/2012 249 -2 -0.81% 9.45%
3 1/20/2012 248 1 0.40% 9.82%
4 1/27/2012 247 1 0.40% 10.18%
5 2/3/2012 246 1 0.40% 10.55%
6 2/10/2012 248 -2 -0.81% 9.82%

My next portion of training HAS to include working on upper body.  In the last year, my legs are now very strong again but the rest of me... well... meh.  I've done some work with resistance bands, but I'm now down to just one band and it's about to break too.

We have had a Planet Fitness open up recently nearby, I'm thinking about looking into that.  For 20 a month you get all the resources and can use any other of their facilities too.  For 10 a month, you get their basic and can only use the facility you sign up at.

It looks like most of my remaining vacation time will be right after Thanksgiving.  I'm going to take the week after off.  I've done this many times in the past and it makes for a very nice vacation, being almost 2 weeks long for the "price" of one!

I want to see my friends in the DC area again, we've just got to figure out if it will be Memorial day like we've done in the past.  You say "whaaaa?  You're leaving Indy on 500 Weekend??"  Too many people for my liking.  I'd rather watch it on TV :)  Oh, wow, look at that.  There are even some running events in the DC area that weekend... Arlington 1/2... hmmmm.

Hopefully I can nail down a race I want to go to to get my "official" time for the 2013 Disney World 1/2 pretty soon.  I positively know that I want a corral start further up than I had for this year.  I've been able to find more and more information on races this year online, so hopefully I'll see one that will stand out and get me to sign up for it.

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  1. Keep working on the speed and remember not to up your mileage to quickly so that you avoid injury.

    Hope you find that race to sign up for - it's great motivation for the training when you have a date for a race on the calendar.