Saturday, March 3, 2012

Status Update!

Just a bit of an update on how the running has been going.

Last week was really rough.  I had alot of trouble focusing and really getting into a good (or even bad!) rhythm.  I did manage to post in some runs and really was just glad to be off the treadmill once I was done with those runs.

I think I'm beginning to really look forward to starting to run outside.  I've still not finished tinkering with the treadmill-o-doom, so it's still stuck on 0 incline.  I know, once I start back outside, that I'm REALLY going to feel the difference.  I really felt the difference when I hit the pavement for the 1/2 in January!

This week started off with me working some after hours time on Tuesday, my normal run night.  Although I still got plenty of exerciser that night!  I went down 77 flights of stairs in just under an hour!  We had some testing at a project that needed to be done, and I was the one that finally said that I'd do it to just get it done.

I felt pretty good after I did that.  It was 32 flights down one side of the building and 45 flights down the other side of the building.  Legs were just a tiny bit rubbery when I was headed back to the car.

The next day I was sore.  Two days after I was hurting.  My calves had tightened up so bad, walking was not comfortable.  Then I hit the stairs up to the 2nd floor to go to my office.  OUCH!

So the past couple of days I've been nursing the legs back to "normal".  I did a little run earlier today to see how things would go, and it was not good.  I decided to let it go at 1 16 minute mile and hit the shower.

Oh!  And I bought the new Brooks shoes!  They knocked a few more dollars off the price, and with the W.I.S.H. discount from the DISboards team I really got them for a great deal.  $140 shoes for $67.  Running Warehouse even ships 2nd day for free!  So today was mile 1 in them to start breaking them in!  They felt great, my legs did not!

So, my plan for the rest of today is to go grocery shopping, grab some dinner and then see how the legs feel early this evening to give it another go.

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