Thursday, August 11, 2016

Melting in the sun!

B210K W2 D1 - Finally!
It's been a rough week so far.  I finally got Day 1 of Week 2 in of Bridge to 10K.  It was definitely a HOT one out there tonight.  Even at close to 8pm, it was a feels like temp in the high 90's!

I got it done and I have to figure out how I'll do the next 2 days.  I'll see how I feel about doing 3 back to backs and then have Sunday as a rest type day.

Luggage arrived!
As I was leaving to do my run, there was a package at the front door!  My luggage already arrived!  

When I ordered it Tuesday, my receipt said that it would arrive on the 17th!

My new luggage arrived!
New Shoes!

When I got home from work there was already a package waiting for me, my new Brooks Ghost 9's where waiting for me!
Old Tread
New Tread
The first picture is the first pair at 62 miles!  You can see by the picture of the new shoes how badly worn the tread is!

Tonight was the first run in them and they felt great.  Not that the other pair feel bad or anything, it's just worrisome that I had almost worn through them already!

The new pair have 4 miles on them now, and I'll keep track and watch this pair to see how they hold up!


Yeah, it's got nothing to do with being hot.  It's still one of my favorite songs.

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