Monday, August 8, 2016

Before the weigh-in tomorrow, lets recap last week!

Totals for Last week!
My mileage for last week dropped a lot to 15.12 miles. My nine week total is now 178.1 miles!


Coming in at a grand total of: 76,223 Steps for the week.  Since I've been keeping track during this training, that now makes 587101 steps!

Last Thursday, our air conditioning went out.  I ended up spending a lot of time on the phone Thursday and Friday in order to get someone out right away.

Then as soon as the AC guy left Friday, Mom and I left for our Family Reunion weekend!  So, it ended up that I had very little walking accomplished.

Then on Saturday, I got up "early" and went to the Panhandle Pathway as I had planned on doing.  It started off cool at about 64 degrees, by the time I finished though, the sun had already warmed it up 10 degrees!

It was a good run.  They had some kind of biking event on the pathway, as about 100 riders ended up passing me while I was out for my Bridge to 10K training run.

I really wish there were more of those types of trails here on the Southeast side of Indy!

B210K First Week Review
The first week went well!

On the first night, I did struggle with the last 10 minute run, but I made it through!

W2 D1
W2 D2
W2 D3
Warm up 5 minutes
Warm up 5 Minutes
Warm up 5 Minutes
Run 15 Minutes / Walk 1 Minute
Run 15 Minutes / Walk 1 Minute
Run 15 Minutes / Walk 1 Minute
Cool Down 5 minutes
Cool Down 5 Minutes
Cool Down 5 Minutes

So, we continue increasing the overall running times. The second week takes us from a total of 57 minutes per day of training, up from the first weeks 53 minutes.  Big change this week is the move from 10 minute running segments, up to 15 minutes.

I received a reply from Brooks and they are sending me a replacement pair of shoes!

I'm pretty sure I'll have to send the original back to them (?).  IF I didn't have to, I could make them my walking shoes.  I bet they have to go back.

I'm hoping they'll be here by the end of this week.

Counting down!
Vacation in 33 days!  Just over a month!!  I'm starting to get very excited!

As long as my B210K plan goes well, I expect that my week down in Orlando / Disney World will be my first week of my Half-Marathon training plan!

149 Days until Marathon Weekend!  Those days just seem to be flying off of that counter!

I saw a film last night, oh boy!
I went to see Suicide Squad last night.  So far, it's been the most enjoyable DC movie to see so far.

It's Will Smiths best movie in AGES.  Margot Robbie absolutely steals the show as Harley Quinn!

It was far from a perfect movie, but it was really fun to see!

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp

2016 - Challenge Year: Me Vs. Me!
Check the link above to see my current and past races.

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