Thursday, July 21, 2016

Beyond UP!

This morning, I felt like:

Calves and hamstrings were very tight when I woke up this morning.

So, instead of going out to walk, I used the Stick, Foam roller and tennis ball liberally this morning before hopping in the shower.  Then I did some light stretches.  

After all of that and a hot shower, I felt much better.  It was time to head to work though...

Getting the steps in.
I knew it was going to be tough tonight.  It's getting hotter and I had a LOT to make up for in the step count department today!  I didn't get much in at work, which made it worse yet.

Then, I get home and Thunderstorm warnings are up.  So I check the weather website and it showed that I would have about 45 minutes before it started raining.  I hurried up and got into some gear that I didn't mind getting soaked if it started raining before I got back home.

I got one loop around the neighborhood and then I started to hear thunder.  I went inside and then finished up on the Treadmill-o-doom.

So, it ended up about a mile outside and a couple of miles on the TM-o-D.  

Star Trek tomorrow night!

I'll be going to see the new Star Trek movie tomorrow night, so I'm hoping that the weather is okay in the morning to get in as much walking as I can.

I'm going to be putting off C25K W7D3 until Saturday morning or late evening, as it's supposed to be extremely hot this weekend!

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp

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