Monday, July 25, 2016

Don't you, forget about... making a post.

Totals for Last week!
My mileage for last week topped out over 25 miles!  The grand total came in at 25.66 miles for the week.  My seven week total is 140.31 miles!

Steps were all over 10,000 for the week!


Coming in at a grand total of: 90,600 Steps for the week!  Since I've been keeping track during this training, that now makes 426340 steps! 

Almost made the goal of over 12,500 each day!  Missed one day!

C25K Week 7 Review
It's getting easier.  This week saw a build up to a constant 27 minute run by the end of this week.

Week 8 continues the same small gain progression.

W8 D1
W8 D2
W8 D3
Warm up 5 minutes
Warm up 5 Minutes
Warm up 5 Minutes
Run 28 minutes
Run 29 Minutes
Run 30 Minutes
Cool Down 5 minutes
Cool Down 5 Minutes
Cool Down 5 Minutes

The revised app basically ends at the end of week 8 now!

So, now I'm looking at making another revision (here comes Rev 4.0!) of my training plan for the remainder of the year.

If I start B210K a week early, I can make some small adjustments to the Half-Marathon plan.  That would put the start of my Half-Marathon training when I'm at Disney World in September!  

Counting down!
Family reunion (Mom's side) in 2 weeks.  I'm now looking at doing B210K W1 D3 on the Panhandle Pathway!  I really wish the Southeast side of Indy had a pathway like this!

Vacation in 47 days!  Hotel prices SUCK!  I haven't found ANYTHING under $80.00.  Even my old stand-by in Adel, GA is now up over $80!  I used to get that room for $35-$40!  I'm truly considering just asking for the full day off on Friday and one-shotting it again.  If I would have acted faster, I COULD have gotten flights down & back for cheaper than Room/Gas price combination...  (That's always my deciding factor, if I can fly for cheaper than Room/Gas down & back).

163 Days until Marathon Weekend!  I'm able to get in and check for dining reservations regularly now, I've just not figured out what I want!  By the time I figure it all out, the ones I want will be full!  LOL.

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp

2016 - Challenge Year: Me Vs. Me!
Check the link above to see my current and past races.

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