Monday, June 6, 2016

Walk run skip and jump!

C25K W1 D1
Made it out the door for the 2nd day!  It was hot.  But you know something, I may be an odd one out, but I actually LIKE it when it's hot.  

There was some pretty good wind this evening too.  It even took my hat at one point.  I had a shaky time with one knee for a little bit, but it got better after I walked it for a little bit more.  Same leg as the old ankle injury.  Muscles took a while to warm up, I think is all it was.  

After walking yesterday and then this today, I can feel my muscles starting to wake up and starting to complain.  We'll see how I feel in the morning!  

Tomorrow Morning is Weigh-in!
I did a sneak peak at the scale when I got back from my C25K run.  Eh, it is what it is.  From now on, it's time to do better.

A new thing I'm looking into
I've lost a lot of stability over the past couple of years.  So, I've been looking into some alternative ways of trying to rehab the legs up a bit.

Jumping rope!  Embarrassingly enough, I was going to use it to warm up this evening, but some guys were talking in the driveway across the street and I really didn't want to look like an idiot when I smacked myself with the rope.  Maybe tomorrow evening I'll not have spectators.  They did get to see all of this awesomeness walk and jog past them a couple of times, with my BLISTERING 18 minute plus pace!

So, back to the jumping of the rope!  From some of the reading I've done so far, there are many skipping variations that can help with runners form!  Some side-to-side work that can help with IBS issues.  High knees and butt kicks that I've seen many videos of suggested runners exercises while actually running. I've also read that it helps strengthen the ankles and could even be a benefit to those with Plantar Fasciitis (All ends of the spectrum on this, from NEVER to IT's A CURE!  Remember, YMMV [You're mileage may vary]).

So, step one, I just need to get the basic skip step down, so I don't inadvertently kill myself.

Oh, and it's also supposed to burn calories like mad!  So, bonus that.

I'm looking at picking up a book this weekend:

Get a load of this!  There's Bluetooth everything!

Yes, REALLY!  A Bluetooth jump rope that will sync with an app on the phone to help you keep track of your skips!  Ranging from about $25 all the way up to $130 (USD)!!  The one above is the cheapest one I found on Amazon.  I actually typed it into the search as a joke, not expecting to get any hits!!

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp
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