Sunday, June 5, 2016

The first mile (plus)...

It’s not just a step, it’s a start

I have a friend that signs off on all of his inspirational posts in that manner.

Dave over at Eastern Walking is a very inspirational writer.  I've just not been listening.  Click on that Facebook icon to go to his page.  Give him a read, you'll like it.

It's such a simple phrase.  It's not just a step, it's a start.  A start that I've been putting off for one reason or another.  Just knowing the real reason is just being lazy, complacent it just being the way that I am.

The 40th Indy Mini has come and gone, and I didn't participate.  One of the medications I'm on kind of backfires on me sometimes and makes me very sick.  Well, the day before the Indy Mini, it hit me hard again.  I didn't even make it to get the packet, let alone even think of starting the event the next day.

The Tour DeCure has come and gone too, and I didn't participate.  I've not been on the bike since last year's Tour DeCure and I was in no shape to try it this year.  I missed my donations goal too, so I wasn't eligible to ride either.  A very BIG thank you to those of you that DID donate this year.  I WILL make it up!  100 miles 2017?

I'm tired of taking this nasty medication.  I'm tired of taking ALL of the medications I'm currently on.  The only way the doctor is going to even consider taking me off of them, is if I get this weight off and show that I'll be able to KEEP it off.

This evening, I put on the shoes and stepped out that front door.  I TOOK that first step.  I took that first step TODAY.  Tomorrow, I will have to take that FIRST step again. This will be a daily battle for me, until it becomes second nature to me like it did five years ago.

Yes, it was OVER five years ago that I swore that I was going to loose that 100 pounds.  IN A YEAR.  I followed my plan!  (For the most part)  I followed my diet!  (Mostly).  I had some slippage along the way, but I did loose the weight!  I did go from a couch potato to someone that can do a half marathon!  I didn't make it that 100 pounds, but I made a good dent in that total.

Five Years Ago, interesting...  Did anyone notice..
I was going through my files that I had set up for my training those five years ago.  It was a simple Excel file.  I had one tab with my Couch 2 5K, then a tab for my Bridge to 10K, finally a 3rd tab with my plan for my Half Marathon training!  It's all there. Dates I did what, notes on how I felt and most importantly, the weight I was loosing.

Oh, so then I noticed something.  The dates this year, MATCH the dates from five years ago!

Me Vs. ME!

So, this brings me to my next point.  For the remainder of this year and leading into the Half Marathon next January, I'm going to be competing against myself!  I'm going to take my records from five years ago, and go against them this year!

It was around this time those five years ago that I started running outside, as the Treadmill-o-doom was giving me fits.  So, I'm going to be starting behind myself for now, but things will sync up well by the time we hit Half Marathon training time.  

Here is my Schedule:

Couch to 5K - 9 weeks 6/6/16 through 8/5/16
Bridge to 10k - 6 weeks: 8/8/16 through 9/16/16

Vacation: 9/9/16 through 9/18/16.  During this time, I hope to get with Dave and see if I might be able to learn this walking technique!  It also overlaps the last B210K week, which I might put off till after vacation.

4 week gap / makeup: 9/18/16 trhough 10/15/16 - Use this time in case of slippage in the C25k/B210K Plans.

Half Marathon Training: 12 Weeks: 10/16/16 through to the race on 1/7/17!

Weigh-in Tuesday

Dad and I were doing the "Biggest looser" style weigh-ins each week.  So, to match up from five years ago, my next weigh in is Tuesday, 6/7/16.  By that time, I had already gotten down to 256.  I'm NOT going to like what the scale has to say Tuesday, but that's what it'll be.  I've taken that weigh in file and updated it so that I can track myself to it this year.  Weekly, my goal is to BEAT what my weekly loss percent was then.

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp
2016 - Challenge Year: Me Vs. Me!

Check the link above to see my current and past races.

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