Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Here we go again...

8 Months Down the Road
Last that was heard from me was 8 months ago.  I was starting to "train" for the 2016 WDW 1/2 Marathon.  Well, since there were no updates, there was no training.  

I went to Disney World for Vacation in September and then I was back down for Marathon weekend in January.

I made it.  I was not last like I was the year before, but I wasn't that far ahead of the back of the pack.  

I wish I remember the guys name that stuck with me after the climb up to the overpass coming off of World Drive, heading to Epcot.  He was going back and forth with several of us back in the back, and he helped me keep my mind off of how bad I was feeling.  I wish I would have seen him at the end or even remembered his name.  It's people like that that give these types of events a good name.  He wasn't one of the Team in Training coaches either.  Just a guy, helping out the back of the packers make it those last few miles.

I walked the entire route.  I didn't even attempt to do any running, as I was THE HEAVIEST I've ever been.  I was pushing 292-295ish (possibly over the 300 mark...) in January.  

The next morning, I was up even earlier than I had been for the 1/2!  I was a volunteer for the Marathon on Sunday!  I was on my feet all morning, from 2am till 9 am, I was "on duty".  I was part of the teams that put out the snack boxes and bananas.  Our only duty was to load them up for the first and greet the super elite and wheelchair racers as they came in.

Anyone who thinks the wheelchair racers have it easy for a marathon, has never witnessed any of them crossing the finish line.  These first racers in were just as run down and shaky as the elite runners are when they come in.  

It was amazing, because we were able to see everyone in the corrals leave on the jumbo screens they had set up in the family area.  We would then get updates as to where the wheelchair racers were and where the elite runners were, and when we could expect them to come in!  It was an amazing experience to have.  Not so much the stacking of the boxes, but to see a lot of the behind the scenes work that goes into putting these events on!

In February, I saw a nutritionist.  I'm on a new diet and I'm having a rough go at even attempting to stay true to the plan.  I'm getting better, and those "better" weeks are the ones I've actually seen the scale move down.

I'm currently at 283.  Back in 2011, when I started training for my first half marathon, I was just a bit lighter.

So, today, I've signed up for the 20th running of the Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon.  We are now five ears down the road from my first race.

Coming up
I have the 2016 Indy Mini Marathon coming up in a couple of weeks.  Again, next to zero training effort.  I will be walking this one too.

A month after that, I have the 2016 Tour De Cure bike ride!  I'm way short of my donations goal.  I may actually have to pay out of pocket to meet the minimum.  I have to remember to take in my packet, so I can see if I can get some donations from work.  They have a matching plan, that I missed out on last year because I didn't get the correct paperwork.  Now, I'm very short on time.

Once the Tour De Cure is finished, its then time to fully focus on these two new goals.

When I hit that start line in 2017:

1)  I am to be AT or lighter than I was when I crossed that line five years ago!
     (242 lbs or lighter is the actual goal)
2)  I will finish the race in a better time than I did that first race five years ago!
     (3:48:49 2012 WDW 1/2 Marathon, 
      3:32:27 is my PR time from the 2012 Flying Pig Half Marathon.)

Blogging about it helped me stay honest back then, and I hope that I can use it as a tool to help keep me honest in this go around.

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp
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Check the link above to see my current and past races.

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  1. Hey Kipp,

    Great to read that you're on the right track again. Here's an Meetup that's just started and trying to get off the ground. I joined (status pending) as a way to encourage me to get more active.