Wednesday, June 8, 2016

1st Me Vs. Me Weigh-in!

1st Weigh in - Me2011 v. Me2016!
Okay, so when I said this week was the first weigh in?  Well, I actually weighed in last week, so I could have numbers that made sense this week! 

Week Date 2011 Weekly% Overall% 2016 Weekly% Overall%
0 5/31/2011 257 3 1.15% 6.55% 285 0 0.00% 0.00%
1 6/7/2011 256 1 0.39% 6.91% 283 2 0.70% 0.70%

So, Week 1 goes to Me2016!!  Now the big test comes next week.  Now that I've actually started being active, lets see what I can do for next week!

New phone problems
A few months ago, I got a new phone.  Well, when I got the iPhone 6, I had also moved all of my music at home to a network drive (NAS).  Well, iTunes blew up.  So, I've been rebuilding it, and now realize that all of my "running" playlists are all gone!  I've got to rebuild something up, as the C25K App I use only plays music from playlists!  ACK!  

Also, my Fitletic arm band isn't big enough for the monsterous iPhone 6 (not the super mega iPhone 6 Plus).  So, I'm going to need to pick up a new armband too. 

C25K W1 D2
Tonight I put Couch to 5K Week 1 Day 2 into the book.  It was pretty rough for me this evening.  Leg muscles are really starting to wake up and give me the "WTF" attitude.  

I'm feeling it at work too.  The new job is very much a desk jockey, so I'm starting to get really fidgity when I sit too long.  Unfortunately, today my legs were really restless when I was in a meeting...  ugh.

Once the C25K routine was done, I continued walking for a while longer, just to start helping my daily step counts to go up also.

Training Plan

Week SUN 6/5 MON 6/6 TUE 6/7 WED 6/8 THUR 6/9 FRI 6/10 SAT 6/11
C25K W1 D1 C25K W1 D2 C25K W1 D3

The next nine weeks should look very similar to this.  MON-WED-FRI will be my C25K days.  Any other day will be open for me to do whatever I feel like.

If I need to repeat any weeks, which I'm sure I will, I do have four weeks of buffer.

With the weather improving so its not cold & raining all of the time, it's past time to clean up the bike and start getting it back out on the road!  Maybe get some biking time in during the weekends.

Shout out!

My friend Rick is out in Iowa for a Half Marathon tomorrow morning!  Yes, a Half Marathon on a THURSDAY.

Thanks for Reading!

Regards, ~Kipp

2016 - Challenge Year: Me Vs. Me!

Check the link above to see my current and past races.

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