Monday, June 13, 2016

Are you f'n kidding me??

Now into Week 2 of Couch to 5K!
Week 2 has started!  The C25K App I have didn't sound it's notifications at first.  So around 8:30-ish minutes into the routine, I still was walking!  So, I restarted the app and started over.  It worked okay the 2nd go around, so I got some extra walking time in this evening.

Brisk five-minute warm-up walk. Then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

Going up from 60 Seconds to 90 seconds may not seem like much, but trust me, I felt it!

Research...Statins (Lipitor type meds)
So, I've been looking into some research on Statins.  One thing that is different from 5 years ago is that when I was training 5 years ago, I STOPPED taking all of my meds.  The weight started falling off.  

Then I injured my back at work and needed to visit the doctor, she wasn't happy that I wasn't on my meds at all.  So, back on them I went. The weight came back on... slowly, steadily and surely.  Even through I  was still doing the same things I was doing before.

So, in two studies I've read about so far, state that in less that 10% of those on Statins, there is a possible side effect of inhibited fat oxidation.

WAIT!  What?!!??  Lemme take another look at exactly what Fat Oxidation is:

"Fat Oxidation:
Fat oxidation is a process by which the stored, giant lipid molecules are broken back down into their smaller parts, triglycerides and fatty acids. Why is the process necessary? Well, we eat more lipids at a given time than we need at that time. However, we don't eat constantly all day long. So, it's a form of time release that allows us to have energy throughout the day.
Without the fat oxidation process, fat molecules would stay in their larger form. The larger molecules can't be used as energy by the body, so, they just stack up. They provide some insulation, but that's about all. So, fat oxidation is extremely important, if we want to function on a daily basis.
How does the magic happen? Well, our bodies are full of hormones and it's the job of some of those hormones to regulate the triglyceride conversion. It's a bit like controlling a valve to slowly release air into a tire or balloon. Without that slow release, we'd have far too much energy being released to use at a given time and we'd run out in times of need."
So, the very medication that is supposed to be HELPING me, is possibly contributing to me keeping this weight on!??!  Talk about a Catch-22!  Doctor tells you that you have to loose weight to get off the drug, but the drug stops you from easily loosing weight?

if you see kay!!

Tomorrow is weigh-in.  I'm not expecting miracles on the first week, so hopefully I lost some!

Oh, I picked up 2 books over the weekend.  I got the Buddy Lee jump rope book AND Hal Higdon's Half Marathon book.  

Hal Higdon's Plan is what I've pretty much followed for all of my half marathon training (that I've actually trained for...) that I've done in the past.  Just started reading a little bit of each last night.  So, we'll see how it goes.

Oh, by the way, not the best idea I've had in purchasing a jump rope for only a couple of dollars.  The darn plastic, even when left out in the sun, is still all bendy and twisty, which makes for it to not turn in a steady manner.  I have a mark on my left ankle where I smacked it good a couple of times.  So, my next purchase may be a rope that cost more than just $2.83...

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp
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