Wednesday, June 29, 2016


The scale moved!

Yes, the scale did indeed move this week.  It went UP!

Week Date 2011 Weekly% Overall% 2016 Weekly% Overall%
0 5/31/2011 257 3 1.15% 6.55% 285 0 0.00% 0.00%
1 6/7/2011 256 1 0.39% 6.91% 283 2 0.70% 0.70%
2 6/14/2011 259 -3 -1.17% 5.82% 283 0 0.00% 0.70%
3 6/21/2011 256 3 1.16% 6.91% 283 0 0.00% 0.70%
4 6/28/2011 259 -3 -1.17% 5.82% 286 -3 -1.06% -0.35%

The only saving grace that I really have, is that this same exact week 5 years ago, I ALSO gained 3 pounds.  

I really only have myself to blame.  Friday I went out for lunch and dinner.  Saturday and Sunday Mom and I went out for dinner.  Of course, I didn't order what I SHOULD have ordered.  

I'm not going to cry about it, so, onward!

C25K W4 D2
Day 2 didn't go as well as day 1.  It was even cooler tonight.  I did sweat a lot, just didn't have a lot of get up and go.  In the first 6 minute segment, I got a stitch in my side and started walking about a minute early.  I had it mostly worked out when the next run segment came around.

10,000 Steps Goal
I've been making my 10K steps goal so far!  My Garmin FR230 GPS watch is now setting my daily goal for over 10K, so that's a good sign.

Next step is I'm going to have to start getting up earlier and going out for a walk before work.  It's beginning to get rough to do the C25K and then try and get in the remaining steps I need to at least get past the 10K mark!  With the auto-goal advancing, it'll be harder and harder to beat that daily goal.

I've been trying to get up from behind the desk at work and get more walking in there too.  After all, if smokers can go outside and take 15 to 20 minute "break" several times a day, I should be able to go out and walk around for a while!

Vacation Plans
September is my next vacation time, counter on the left is telling me in about 73 days!  I'm still trying to finalize some of my plans for that.  I will start driving to Orlando on a Friday, at noon is my goal.  I'm looking for someplace after Atlanta to spend the night and then finish my trip down on that Saturday.  

Our check-in to the resort/timeshare/rental whatever place is on Saturday afternoon, so I'm not in a big rush to be down at any specific time.

The return trip will be me leaving on a Saturday afternoon, more than likely.  Then I'll spend the night somewhere along the way.  I'd prefer to at least be north of Atlanta.  Usually I try for Chattanooga, but It'll depend on when I want to leave (well, I won't WANT to leave) Disney World.

It's funny, I've got more of my plans ready for my Marathon Weekend trip in January ready than I do for my trip in September!

The place we'll be in has a washer and dryer, so I'll be able to wash my running gear so I don't stink the place up!  

If my running plan goes on schedule, while I'm on vacation I'll be finishing up the Bridge to 10K plan!

With Friday and Saturday being driving times, I'll have to see when I can get in that training day.  In the morning before work, or rush home and hurry to get a run in before I leave?  That sounds counter productive!  Here, lets RUN and then sit in a car for 10 hours!  LOL!

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp

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