Monday, June 27, 2016

Starting C25K Week 4!

C25K Week 4 Day 1
Even though it was hot, I pretty much made it through day 1.  Knowing that the segments were longer, I tried to pace myself accordingly.  I was SLOW.  I'm talking truly Reverse-Flash going on here.  Moving so slow you don't even see me move!

Okay, not quite that slow, but definitely not anywhere near close to race pace.

There is a variation in the setup for Week 4 from the app I use to the website.  Here are the differences:

Website App
5 Minute Warm Up
Jog 3 Minutes
Walk 90 sec
Jog 5 Minutes
Walk 2 1/2 Min
Jog 3 Minutes
Walk 90 sec.
Jog 5 Min
Cool Down 5 Minutes
5 Minute Warm Up
Jog 4 Minutes
Walk 2 Minutes
Jog 6 Minutes
Walk 3 minutes
Jog 4 Minutes
Cool Down 5 Minutes

In the first 4 minute segment, I had a bit of a mis-step that made me pause for a little bit.  I got right back to it.

I kept moving all the way through the 6 minute segment!

So, I'll keep moving forward with the C25K plan as-is.  The end of week 5 is the tell-tale test.  At the end of week 5, it's a solid 20 minute run!

Totals for Last week!
My mileage for last week topped out over 20 miles!  The grand total came in at 20.67 miles for the week.  My three week total is 46.14 miles!

Steps were all over 10,000 for the week.


Coming in at a grand total of: 77,744 Steps for the week!

WDW Marathon Weekend 2017 Plans
My plans are coming together for Marathon Weekend!

Room is reserved!  Going for Pop Century again, of course.  Why stop a good thing?  I've got the routine down solid from there, so I can pretty much go on automatic when that alarm goes off at 2:30 AM!  :)

I've got a NICE surprise!  I was checking out Southwest and discovered when they released January 4th early AM flights that I had enough points to get the flight for "FREE"!  (Still had to pony up Terrible Service Administration fee, and I also decided to get  the auto-check-in feature.)  My business trip to California ended up getting me a lot of points to use!  

Southwest opens up flights for the remainder of January through March 7th on July 7th.  So, late next week I should see what I can get for my return trip.  Any way I figure it out, with the free flight down, it's cheaper than driving.

Flying down and back will also save my legs from being cooped up in the car all that way coming back!  This year was probably the worst, as my legs were VERY sore and being inactive all that way was no fun.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day.  I've not snuck a peak this week, so I have no idea where I'm going to end up at in the morning!

For those of you that let me know that you do indeed read all of (or most of) my posts, I appreciate it.  I hope in the very least that some of it ends up being entertaining to read.

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp

2016 - Challenge Year: Me Vs. Me!

Check the link above to see my current and past races.

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