Monday, April 6, 2015

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C25K - W2D1
Dreary weather out tonight, so I did Week 2 - Day 1 on the Treadmill-o-doom.

I've been strong so far on coming back to the Couch 2 5K "program".  I've been able to do each of the runs as-is.  I've not been as speedy as I'd like to be, but hopefully that will come in time.  Funny thing is, last week when I ran outside, I was actually faster than I thought I would be for most of it.

New things to get
I forgot that I wanted to pick up an exercise ball thing for some of the core workouts that I want to begin to add to my weekly routines.

Fitness ball thing.
I'll have to stop by a store and look at getting one this week.  I have a reward for REI, so maybe I can use it on one of these!

Food for thought
The scale hasn't been nice to me this past week.  Of course, I didn't eat as I should either.  I'm paying for it on the scale now, as it's moved a little bit back in the upwards direction.  284 as of this morning!  BLEH!

I also skipped out on a lot of my planned exercising over the weekend too, so that definitely didn't help anything!  At least I got back to it tonight.

Tour de Cure - Indy June 20, 2015!
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2015 - Rebuilding from the Shoes up!

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