Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I don't like Monday's

Time to hit the treadmill!  

I start getting ready and find that my sport earbuds that I've used for the past 3 years have basically exploded.

No problem, I had bought a new pair last year and only used them like once.  Time to break them out and start putting them to use.

I power up the treadmill-o-doom, put the safety key in and get all my gadgets ready...  start!  



Treadmill-o-doom is back to it's old tricks.  It's not recognizing any button presses.  Just great.  I'm tired and really didn't feel like messing with it.  Scrapped my plans for Monday night.

It could be nice enough to ride outside... but it's pretty windy.  I decide to just leave it on the trainer and go with that.

I tightened up the resistance a little bit and it felt a little more of a natural ride.

Goal was to make it an hour in the saddle.  I managed that.  In fact, my record of the ride was short, because I was going for 5 minutes before I realized I didn't hit start on the watch!  OOPS!

The GPS watch recording of the ride says that the wheel turned the equivilent of 13.11 miles, just about a half marathon's worth!  LOL.  1 hour to do what took me over 4 hours by foot back in Janauray!

What can I say.  I plug in the Treadmill-o-doom and it fires up!!  GREAT!

I go get ready, get all my stuff together.  Get onto the treadmill-o-doom and it WON'T GO!

Well, I'm not standing for this tonight.  I took the console apart again and disconnected the left side buttons.

Yep.  That did it, I can get it to work, but I have no incline control.  That is the ONLY control on the left side that I ever use.  OH well.  Hopefully we'll get out of this rain pattern and I'll transition to running outside full time.

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend!
Early registrations for Annual Passholders opened up yesterday.  It's really killing me that I can't register for the Half!  I'm hoping that spots will still be there Friday!  If not, I'll have to take my chances at open registration next week.  I'll hate that, as the registration site usually overloads and it will be my luck that it'll fill up in like 10 minutes...

Tour de Cure - Indy June 20, 2015!
Well, apparently I suck at fund raising.  I'm still at the same place I was when I first posted about this.
Click this and help!

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2015 - Rebuilding from the Shoes up!

Check the link above to see my current and past races.

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