Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Picture This

C25K - W1D2
It was nice out tonight so I did my run outside.  It was a shock to the legs to be pounding the asphalt.  There were other people out and about tonight.  One pair of runners ignored me, didn't even return my hello.  Most everyone else said hi and/or waved.

Took a picture last night....
I forgot to take the picture I took last night.  So, I'll post that one and one from tonight.

3/31/15 - after riding on the trainer
 I was also in my biking gear.  The shorts still take some getting used to with the padding in the nether region.

4/1/15 - After C25K W1D2 run outside.
This was tonight.  I was wearing one of my new shirts I picked up at WalMart.  I got 3 shirts, all XXL.  They're made out of recycled techshirts!  They're also really cheap.  Comfortable on the run, so that's what counts.

Tech Junkie!
I had some PayPal money sitting out there, due to a seller never sending me an item back in January and E-bay sided with me.  I got a refund.  

So, I did what anyone else would have done... well, okay, maybe just my other tech obsessed friends.

So, being the tech junkie that I am, I bought a new weight scale off of E-bay.  It is a Taylor SmarTrack Bluetooth Body Analyzer.  It's a weight scale... with BLUETOOTH!  There's an app for that too!  TECHNOLOGY!!  

Here is what it registered on the phone app this morning:

Weight: 279.8 lbs
Body Fat: 47.8%
Body Water: 43.0%
Muscle Mass: 25%
Calories: 3223 (If I wanted to STAY this weight... well, THAT'S useless...)

Bike Pic!
Someone sent me a picture of what my first bike would have looked like!  That would be before the icicle crushed it, of course.

THE Bike in the early '70's!

Tour de Cure - Indy June 20, 2015!

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Regards, ~Kipp

2015 - Rebuilding from the Shoes up!

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