Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BLOGGER's online editor has turned to trash.

****BEGIN RANT****

Whatever changes they've made recently to the backend of the online editor for blogger has made it into a total trash heap of an editor.

Not that the online editor was in anyway, shape or form a decent editor to begin with, but I pretty much had it doing exactly what I wanted it to do.

I can no longer paste my Excel table into the editor and even have it remotely come out looking right.  When I examine the source HTML in the online editor, I can see where it is modifying in the table structure and it's just trashing it, placing the end tag for the table in the wrong spot.  

So then my post looks like trash when I try to edit it and make it look how I've been doing it for months.

I just tried an offline editor, Microsoft Live Writer, and when I post from the offline editor, the back end of BLOGGER does the same thing, it trashes the table.

****END RANT****

So, just for now, I've delayed posting this weeks contest results... as I'm just too fed up jerking around with this online editor to finish the post tonight.

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