Monday, July 16, 2012

'bout time I blogged

Week 5 Results

Week Date Kipp Weekly% Overall% Dad Weekly% Overall%
0 6/5/2012 249 230
1 6/12/2012 247 2 0.80% 0.80% 227 3 1.30% 1.30%
2 6/19/2012 245 2 0.81% 1.61% 227 0 0.00% 1.30%
3 6/26/2012 246 -1 -0.41% 1.20% 227 0 0.00% 1.30%
4 7/3/2012 245 1 0.41% 1.61% 226 1 0.44% 1.74%
5 7/10/2012 244 1 0.41% 2.01% 227 -1 -0.44% 1.30%

Week 4 went to Dad again and week 5 went to me!

Tomorrow we'll be weighing in for Week 6.  I'm hoping that when I get up in the morning I'll weigh the same as I do tonight!  :)

I don't have my normal re-cap information because I've not been a good boy.  I've not kept track of my food intake lately.  :(

Tonight's Run

That picture pretty much states it all for tonight's run.  Hot and more humid that it has been.  I had a "feels like" temperature of 97 when I went out for my run tonight.

Tomorrow they're calling for 99 and a "feels like" temp of up around 105-ish!  They're calling for a chance for rain going into this weekend, but I'll believe that when I feel it.

It seems that adding the walking on my nights that I don't run seem to be helping in the weight loss area.  Now I just need to add back in the resistance band workouts and the Yoga.

I think I'm going to try and go out for my walk earlier than I have been tomorrow night.  I usually wait 90-120 minutes after eating to go out for my run.  I've been doing the same thing for walking, which leaves me very little time to do any resistance and yoga routines.

I think that just walking will be "safer" than running and I should have less risk of a protein spill incident.

New item I want... (sigh).  Wishlist, CLICK.
In a never ending quest to be broke...  I've finally found a pair of sunglasses that I'd like to add to my "running equipment".  These are Tifosi Tyrants.  They come in a variety of different frame options.  The above are the "plain" black and sliver.  The other color combinations I like are the White/red or the White/Orange models.  They have interchangeable lenses.  The pair I show above actually come with those, a clear set and a pair I call "rose color".  

I've pulled out an old pair of sunglasses I used to use while driving (before my vision got so bad I HAVE to have Rx glasses on when I drive now).  It confirmed for me that I really should be wearing them, as I now notice that I've been squinting alot when I'm out for my run or walk.  Problem with them is, they like to bounce around a ton.  

I've tried wearing my Rx glasses once with my magnetic clip on sunglasses, but they're way too heavy and slide and bounce around way too much.  Worse than the cheapie sunglasses I'm using now.

To answer the question, yes, I can see well enough to run without my Rx glasses.  I've got ambliopic (sp) vision.  My left eye is very bad, my right eye is now a bit far sighted, which has mostly been the trigger for me needing Rx glasses when I drive now.

My current wishlist is fairly short now.  Running Shorts and these Sunglasses.  I've gotten new shoes recently, so I should be set to at least to get through the Monumental Half in November.

Well, my "short update" turned into a little bit longer post than I thought it would!

I'll try to get tomorrows weigh in results posted tomorrow evening.

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