Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 6

Week 6 Contest

Week Date Kipp Weekly% Overall% Dad Weekly% Overall%
0 6/5/2012 249 230
1 6/12/2012 247 2 0.80% 0.80% 227 3 1.30% 1.30%
2 6/19/2012 245 2 0.81% 1.61% 227 0 0.00% 1.30%
3 6/26/2012 246 -1 -0.41% 1.20% 227 0 0.00% 1.30%
4 7/3/2012 245 1 0.41% 1.61% 226 1 0.44% 1.74%
5 7/10/2012 244 1 0.41% 2.01% 227 -1 -0.44% 1.30%
6 7/17/2012 243 1 0.41% 2.41% 225 2 0.88% 2.17%

Even if my weight would have been the same as last night, Dad would still have beat me.  Last night, after my run, I weighted in at 242.  From experience, I know that will not be what I weigh in the morning, because I drink water after I've run, so some of that I lost comes right back on by water returned to my body.

If I continue on this track and loose another pound next week, I'll finally be at my lowest point from last year.  I made it down to 242 last year, before I started slowly climbing back up in weight.

Dad still has a bit to go before he hits his lowest from last year of 216.

More Disney plans...

Just got word from Dad that we'll be staying at Port Orleans French Quarter this year.  We've been there before and I've been there several other times too.  We like this resort and it has some nice areas to run.

The lower portion of the map is the French Quarter area.  Last year we stayed in the Riverside portion (building 80 I think).  I think I've stayed in Buildings 1 & 2 of the French Quarter area.  I'd actually like building 1 again for this year, since it is close to the "start" of the Jogging path :)

I'm expecting that end of November will be a much nicer time to run down there than it was last September.  I think I'm in much better physical shape than I was last year, so I don't think that it would affect me the same now.

Running down there last September was like trying to breath through a straw because I wasn't used to all of the humidity.  Now that I'm doing 4-5 miles with regularity, I think I'll be heading into my upcoming half marathons in a much better position than last year.

This now reminds me that I've GOT to make my plans for a room for Marathon Weekend!!  ACK!  I think I'll wrap it up here while I go check the Disney site for what room availability looks like at this point!

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