Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's "NEW"!!

New Toy!
My "new" Garmin 405CX

After my disappointment on winning a bid for one of these and having it come back "RESERVE NOT MET", I was surprised to turn right back around and win one at almost the exact same price!  So I've finally spent my birthday money from earlier in the month.  It came Thursday and last night was my first trial run with it.

One of my first impressions so far is pertaining to the Garmin HR monitor.  It's awful.  Compared to the Polar HR Monitor, this thing is VERY uncomfortable.  Of course, you can get one from Garmin that is similar in style to the Polar, but it will set you back $70.00.  *sigh*  I'll just have to deal with this one and try to adjust it so it will be a bit more comfortable.  Oh, and of course, I also would like to get the foot-pod by the time I start my Half Marathon(s) training, so I can work on cadence.

The watch itself fit's my wrist very nicely.  I was worried from many people saying that it was way to large an clunky.  I've found that my wrist is wide enough that it wraps around very comfortably for me.

The light on the Garmin is MUCH brighter than the Polar!  I can actually see the screen when I light it up in a dark room.  The Polar HR watch was a big disappointment in that area, as it is VERY dim.

I've had some difficulty in getting some training routines that I created with the software to load into the watch properly.  I'll try it again before my next run.  Apparently I've used some options that only work for the newer GPS watches and I will have to "simplify" the interval plans I tried to create.

The new Maintenance Plan

Resistance Band + Yoga
Walk or Light Run
Resistance Band + Yoga
Walk or Light Run
Long(er) Run

Here it is!  This is going to be my "maintenance" plan.  I've loosely (okay, mostly) based it on Hal Higdons Novice 1 Half Marathon Training plan that  I used last fall.  The resistance band workouts will be split into an upper and lower body segment, one for each day.  I also plan on just starting with the 30 minute Yoga workout from the DVD.

The days of walking or light run will be just that.  I just want to keep my body in the proper HR Zone to promote fat burning on those days.

Part 2 to this is that I'm going to start using MyFitnessPal again to keep track of the food I'm cramming in my mouth.

Upcoming news...

This brings me to a little bit of a teaser.  I'll be posting some new news on Tuesday!  Keep watch, as I'm rather excited about this bit of news!

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