Saturday, May 26, 2012

Missing for a month...

253 253 253 253

Back up in weight.  You guessed it.  Two Hundred Fifty Three pounds.

This past week I didn't run at all, until today.  My Running log for this month looks like the following:

May 2nd - 3.25 Miles
May 15th - 3.65 Miles
May 17th - 4.61 Miles
May 26th - 4.58 Miles

My motivation sucks right now.  No other way to put it.  I've just not felt like going out and running all that much.  On the 15th and 17th were times that I was really feeling guilty about not running and finally got back out there.  

Last weekend I spent most of my time out at the Indy Speedway for Qualifying and Bump day.  I ate very badly that weekend and paid the price for it that Monday.  I'm NOT used to all those fried foods for sure!

Then this past week after my episode on Monday, I just really felt lethargic.  

Hotter 'n H.E. Double Hockey-sticks

This is how I describe the conditions on the running conditions for tonight.

After hitting the scale and witnessing the aforementioned 253 pounds registering on the screen, I decided that I'd better get back out there today.

It was 90 degrees when I ventured out the door at 7:05 pm.  I had already decided at that point that I would not be pushing hard at all tonight.  I mostly walked the entire time and went through 16 ounces of the generic Gator-aid like water powder drink mix that I get from Wal*Mart.  

Signs that my old iPhone is dying

Yes, my old iPhone 3G that I use as my "training computer" seems to be dying.  I grabbed it off the charger before I headed out tonight and it didn't make it all the way.  I've been noticing that it seems like the charge is running out quicker and quicker since the beginning of the year.  Even with the screen off, it only made it a little over an hour just being a GPS and iPOD unit...  sad :(

I will not use my iPhone 4 as my training unit, as that is my actual phone.  I'd be out of luck if something were to happen to it while I was running with it.

I wish I had the cash now to pick up one of the Garmin GPS watches I've been looking at.  It appears that the end is near for the 405CX and the normal 405, as I've noticed that a lot of places aren't listing them any more.

Garmin 405CX
Garmin 405 (Available in Black or Green)
I know there are quirks with the touch sensitive ring around the face, but I've read about putting it into a mode where it switches screens automatically and I think that would be the mode I'd use it in most.  The 405CX has like 1 more function above the normal 405 model (calories burned computation method is "new" in the CX).  Strange thing on the pricing with the normal 405, the green model is usually $50 or so cheaper than the black.

Looking at some new shoes

I've been hearing and reading a lot about minimalist shoes.  New balance has actually come out with one that is available in a wider width.  This is a zero drop shoe (basically flat, no rise in the heal).  Since the wear pattern on my current shoes shoe show that I usually mid-strike anyways, I'd be interested in possibly trying out one of these type of shoes.  Running Warehouse has a decent price on these, and I can get a "club" discount on them too to bring them under $80 shipped!  Alas, we come back once again to that pesky money issue.  I'm not sure if my local running shop even carries these.  Maybe I'll go check them out too sometime this weekend.

New Balance MR00 Minimus
I've started looking at new shoes, as it appears that my Asics from last year are really starting to wear out.  The exterior of them look fine, but I can feel the cushioning starting to break down in them.  I've really noticed some twinges in my shins while running in the Asics now.

So I've started running in the Brooks Trance shoes that I bought earlier this year, that I had only been using on the treadmill up to this point.  WOW, it felt so great to be back in the Brooks out on the road!  Problem is, I've only got one pair, so I've got to rotate back to the better of the 2 pair of Asics.

Running Schedule Ahead!

I'm signed up for the Indianapolis Monumental 1/2 Marathon for November.  What I'm currently saving up for is to pay for registration for the Walt Disney World 1/2 and 5K for next January.  The price goes up next month, so I'm hoping that I make it in time to be able to take advantage of that.

I've figured out my training plan leading into the Monumental and then the short turnaround to the Disney World 1/2.  I'm basing it off of Hal Higdon's Novice 2 plan for 1/2 Marathon.  Once I've run the Monumental, I'll take a week off, or a few days and maybe some very light training for the remainder of the first week after.  Then I'll start BACK on the training plan, picking back up at Week 4, I do believe.

I'm also going to do a 5K here in Indy this summer, and I've got to send in the check this upcoming week!  EEK!  So busy trying to get all of this stuff figured out.

Back to doing what I'm supposed to be doing!

Now that I've run on and on about stuff, I'm going to re-commit to this whole thing again.  I've got to start watching what I'm eating again like a hawk and also do the exercising that I'm supposed to be doing.

Last year, it was much easier when I was in competition with my Dad, even though he kinda dropped out of it before we completed.  I KNEW I had some kind of accountability when I made that call to him each week.

The few times that I had done the yoga routines, my back and neck were feeling much better than usual.  Now that I've stopped doing that too, I'm back to the same constant issues that I've been dealing with.

So my next project is to come up with a "maintenance" training routine.  I know that I need to focus more on the weight loss than building speed.  So until I hit the training period for the 1/2 Marathons, I'll be focusing on that instead.  I hope to post my "maintenance routine" in my next blog post!  

I also need to keep posting here.  I know that not a lot of people really read this, but it helps that there are a few that ARE (stats show about an averages of 13-20 unique hits each post.)  I'm at least accountable to those few that have been following me and I think it will continue to help me stay honest as it has in the past.

So, for those that have been following me regularly, sorry for the absence and thanks for reading!


Lighter, Stronger & Faster for 2013!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon
January 7, 2012-  FINISHED 3:48:49

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  1. Sounds like we've had some of the same problems recently. You know what you need to do (so do I) and we just need to do it. It's hard when you get off track, but you'll get back on track and you'll do great!