Saturday, March 17, 2012

The hills are alive with the sound of

... well, the only music was coming from my iPhone Touch 3 (iPhone 3g with no phone service).

With this weeks unusually high temperatures, I've been able to run outside!

3/13 - Tuesday - First run back outside.  OUCH!  After my warm up walk, I started out MUCH too fast. It all went downhill from there.  At the 2 mile mark I had to make my way back home as quick as I could.  My body decided that it was pitstop time, NOW!  Once I was done taking care of business, I hopped on the treadmill-o-doom just to get another mile in.

3/16 - Friday - I was still feeling sore from Tuesdays first jaunt back outside, so I didn't run Thursday.  Getting used to the jolts you get from running on hard surfaces will take some getting used to again.  This run went much better.  I concentrated more on keeping a decent pace and I was able to run most of the segments of the Runkeeper coaching session (I've been using Bridge 2 10K week 1 to get back into the swing of things.)

3/17 - Saturday - St Patrick's Day!  I don't drink, so, I ran.  I decided to take a spin at going over some hills.  The closest thing to hills I have around here are a couple of overpasses.  One of them is a less traveled road and the busier road does have a walking area.  I decided to try the less traveled road tonight.  WOW!  Did I ever feel that tonight.  My run tonight was basically an out and back.  I went over the overpass and down to a marker point that I'll remember and turned right back around and headed back.

Once back home, I decided that I've not posted a recent picture, so here it is!
I of course ran in my GREEN shirt today.
I'm quite sure that some people might be thinking that I have been drinking before I go out for my run.  I've been doing a little bit of practice "going around people" when I run.  I noticed after the half back in January that I had new sore spots which I attributed to not being used to doing the side to side while running.

I did a weigh in, and did drop back below 250.  Back to 249 once again and I hope to keep knocking that down from here on out.

The Yoga DVD and Thera-band straps did arrive this week!  I've done some of my shoulder exercises that I've not done in ages with the bands.  I took a look at the routines that I had been thinking of with the bands, and I think I've overloaded them.  I think I'll need to split up how I've got them instead of trying to do all of the exercises each night that I will do them.

I've been watching the first part of the DVD to see how poses are done.  Later tonight I'm going to check out some of the routines to see if I need to practice poses first, or if I can just jump right into them.

Well, I've had my after run banana and shower.  Written this post up, I think it's time to get on out of here.

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  1. I have been heading outside again too and it is tough getting back out there and used to terrain and rocks and all things that are outside. You'll get used to it again though!

    Sounds like things are going pretty well for you right now. Keep it up!