Sunday, March 11, 2012


So far this season, I've been luck in not getting a cold.  I think my luck has ended.

I've either got a head cold, or my allergies are already acting up for this season!

Just a short re-cap of this week.  I'm up in weight again.  I hit 250.  That's really been a big disappointment to get back to that number again.  My biggest out of control eating is happening at Lunch.  I've been going out as I have been for quite some time, but now I've just not cared what I've been ordering.

It's showing.  So, starting this week, the debit card stays home and the lunchbox goes with me to work.  I've been way short on my water intake also, which I'm sure has led me to the difficulties that I've had on the treadmill the past week.

That brings me to running for this week.  After pretty much recovering from the 77 flights of stairs that I did last week, this week I started back up on the treadmill-o-doom.

Monday, March 5th - No activity.  Went out for dinner and went to see John Carter for free thanks to Disney 23 fan club.  It was an interesting way to see a movie.  They reserved a row in the theater only for "DISNEY".  Two rows in front of us, it was all reserved for members of the press.  There were several security guards and they were watching people like hawks.  No previews or anything.  Just straight into watching the movie.  They had a list of instructions before showing the movie, and they requested either phones be OFF or if you must, go back to the lobby.  One person during the movie got their phone out and one of the guards was there almost immediately asking the person to either put it away or go to the hallway.  YEAH!  I wish ALL movies were like this!  BTW, I loved the movie :)

Tuesday, March 6th - MOST of the soreness in my calves was gone for this run.  But my lack of working out AND no stretching was really beginning to show.  This short 2.25 miles was TOUGH.  I was having troubles with getting into ANY type of rhythm at all.  Breathing, pace, NOTHING was coming together.  I was quickly hobbled with muscle pain, my calves and shins letting me know that they still weren't happy from the previous week.

Wednesday, March 7th - No activities.

Thursday, March 8th - I put on the iPhone and loaded up the Bridge 2 10K program.  Figuring that I've got to keep to something.  I set the pace quicker than I normally would, so I was going at a 3.2 to 3.5 walking pace for warm up and the in-between segments.  For the running pace I was trying to keep to 4.1 or 4.2 pace.  The first run in the B210K is the 4 10 minute run segments with a minute walk in-between.  My walks were much longer an more frequent during the later segments.  The only segment that was all run was the first 10 minutes.  I also noted that once I finished running that my nose was stuffy and very runny.  Either Allergies were acting up, or I was getting a cold.

Friday, March 9th - Movie night again!  I had already bought my IMAX tix for John Carter back in early February.  So I once again went out for dinner (Stir Crazy - "lunch portion" of Sweet & Spicy Chicken, I love this stuff!  IF this is the lunch portion, I don't want to see the dinner portion!)  I stopped by Barnes and Noble and picked up the latest issue of Runner's World, then I headed up to the theater.  It was fantastic to see this in IMAX.  This time through I was able to really watch the movie for more details since I had just seen it Monday :)  Again, its a fantastic movie.

Saturday - March 10th - Grocery Shopping and watched the Nationwide NASCAR race at Las Vegas on TV.  Really started to feel run down.  Decided to hold off on the treadmill-o-doom.

Today - March 11th - Been doing laundry and that's about it.  Sneezing like crazy and just feel BLAH in general.  It's been such a great day outside too..  warm and sunny most of the day and I just don't feel like even moving.  In the very least, I'm planning on getting onto the treadmill-o-doom to do some walking tonight.

Looking forward to this week, I've got a package that should be here about Wednesday-ish.  I finally ordered new resistance bands and also a Yoga DVD.  This DVD has favorable reviews in being VERY basic, so it shows each pose very well.  It also has segments that try to point out good things for runners to be doing.

Yoga For Beginners : The Essential Beginner Yoga Guide For Runners, Walkers & Desk Jockeys

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  1. You'll get back on track! Keep at it, Kipp! Go go go!

  2. You'll get back on track. Sorry you're not feeling well - I know how that goes. Just do what your body will let you and rest when you need to.

    Good luck with the Yoga. I like the workouts, they can be really tough, but I have to say that I end up feeling more frustrated than relaxed at the end. For some reason Yoga stresses me out - weird I know.