Thursday, December 29, 2011

Going the Wrong Way - Leading into Marathon Week!

Well, falling into old ways the past couple of weeks has really shown at the scales!

Christmas week I didn't take any control over what I was eating, and minus the regular running schedule for 2 weeks and... BAM!  I'm up 7 pounds!  This is week 40 of my year of trying to loose 100 pounds.  With 12 weeks to go and going the wrong way the past couple of weeks...  I'm going to miss that mark by a lot more that I was originally thinking a few weeks ago.  I need to focus more and start keeping an eagle eye on what I'm eating again to get my progress to get going back in the correct direction.



A small reminder to anyone  that hasn't been following me, my starting weight at the beginning of this year was 282#!  March 22nd was the time that I finally started exercising by starting the C25K program. It was also at that time that Dad and I entered into a little contest to see who could loose the most weight by our Disney trip at Labor Day.

On to the last 2 weeks of the training schedule:

Stretch &
5 m Run
3 m Run
Or Cross
5 m Run +
60 min
10 m Run
Stretch &
4 m Run
3 m Run
Or Cross
2 m Run

Reality on that schedule so far has been:
12/26 - 4 Miles
12/27 - 2.5 Miles
12/28 - 5 Miles

Tonight is a rest night and my legs have needed it badly this week.  I'm still going to need to do SOME stretching tonight, as I can really feel my calves and hamstrings tighten badly tonight.Tomorrow night, I'll be doing a 60 minute walk.

My last long run was 6.25 Miles on 12/18.  I skipped the long run over Christmas Weekend, for no good reason.  It was to be a 9 mile run.  I've done as much to keep on track this week though, with last night's 5 miler being an okay run.  The house with heat going has kept it VERY HOT running on the treadmill.  I was sweating buckets last night, and couldn't keep it at a solid run.  So I did a Run/Walk method of 1/4 mile each just so I could get through the 5 miles.

I'm hoping the forecast for Saturday keeps, as it's supposed to get to 50 and be partly sunny.  I'll go for my long run outside, just so I can get some feel for running on pavement again.  I'm worried that the past many weeks on the treadmill might have softened me up too much!  Well, that, and being a lazy ass the last couple weeks.

I fly down to Walt Disney World on the 4th.  My flight out of Indy is at 8am and I'm due into Orlando International at 12:45.  I'm hoping to be on the path at Pop Century around 2 PM to complete my 2 mile run.  I've got to try and remember to try to hydrate on the plane ride down... hellooooo $3 bottles of water at the airport!

On to another little product review:

 Body Glide
This is one of the investments that I should have made when I started running back in March!!  This stuff is awesome.  My problem area that I've been having is no longer a problem with this stuff!  It runs on the more of an expensive item, as the little stick is usually sold for around $10.00.  So far, it's been worth every penny.

Also to remind anyone that missed my last post, go view it to find out how to track me live while I'm running on the 7th!

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Running to 2012... and BEYOND!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon - January 7, 2012

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Follow my 1/2 Marathon Progress LIVE!

You can track my progress in the
Walt Disney World 2012 ½ Marathon!

Go to the following web page:

Sign up for their free account.

Then enter my information to find me:

LAST NAME: Shinabarger

You should then see something similar to the following:


You can have alerts sent to your mobile phone, e-mail, Facebook or Twitter accounts.

NOTE:  I’ll be starting in this race at approximately 6 AM on Saturday, January 7th, 2012!

So if you sign up for this, you may be getting notifications across your device at an early hour!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beginning Week 9 of Half Marathon Training!

Below is a little review of some of the items I tried on tonights run.

Clif Shot Mocha =========================================
This is the one I started off with tonight at 15 minutes prior to start of my run.  Overall, I'd say it's not that bad.  Taste is a bit strong at first, but once you managed to get some of it down and some water to help it go down, it was okay.
 Clif Shot Chocolate
This one I had at the half way point of tonights run (4 miles).  It was a bit like trying to wolf down some really thick chocolate syrup straight from the can (well, I guess they're all in plastic bottles now...).  Definitely not awful.  This is probably one that I will take down with me in case they don't give any out, or they give out the flavors I don't like.

Clif Shot Bloks - Tropical Punch  =========================================
I tried these out during the shorter runs earlier this week.  They are very good tasting, but I didn't feel like I got the same energy feedback  that I got with the gels.  Maybe a combination of these plus the gels might work on a long run.

Heading right into Week 9!!  This week the Saturday long run tones it down form the last couple of weeks, and takes me back to going 6.2 miles (or if I could have swung it, enter into a 10K race, which I think there actually is one locally around here somewhere that day.)

Week Sun Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat
D-11 12/11 12/12 12/13 12/14 12/15 12/16 12/17
9 Stretch &
5 m Run 3 m Run
Or Cross
5 m Run +
Rest or
Easy Run
Rest 10-K Race

After this week, Christmas Eve I have a scheduled 9 mile and then the final long run of 10 miles on New Years Eve!!  Saturday after that is Marathon Weekend!!

I have my bib number, but I don't have the link where people can sign up for updates while I run.

I have bib # 47774, a palindrome! 

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Running to 2012... and BEYOND!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon - January 7, 2012

Saturday, December 3, 2011

End of Week 7 Half Marathon Training!

End of week 7 with a 7 mile run that I started a 7!!

Below is a little review of some of the items I tried on tonights run.

Clif Shot Citrus  =========================================
This one I had while I was actually running.  It had warmed up in the waist pack, and really wasn't all that awful.  It's sort of like a lime Lifesavers.  They also aren't kidding that you'll need water to be able to slug this goo down while running.  So this is going to be something I'll have at a water stop.
 Clif Shot Strawberry
This one I had at the recommended 15 minutes before activity.  This is awful!  Who ever is their taste tester has obviously never tasted a strawberry in their life!  I'm glad I didn't have this one during my run, after body temp had warmed it up.  That might have ended my run tonight a bit prematurely.
 Nathan 5K Running Belt  =========================================
The one I have is actually black and neon yellow.  Dick's Sporting goods also had it in all Black, Orange/Black and Pink/Black.  I'm happy with this purchase.  The camera, a couple Clif Shots and some Clif Bloks all fit into the pouch with no problem.  The belt didn't bounce or move at all. 

Very happy with this so far.

  Thrive Flexibility Strap =========================================
This is another purchase today.  My years of sitting around have left me VERY INFLEXIBLE. I did some of the exercises that are included in the flier, and let me tell you, I'm now just going to call this thing the fat man torture device.

The first exercise is to lay on your back, one knee bent and foot on the floor.  The other foot you put your foot on the bottom of that strap device and then you are supposed to start at a 90 degree angle and start pulling.

This is how bad my flexibility is, I cannot even START at the 90 degree position!  I have a feeling that I'm going to be a bit more sore than usual tomorrow!

I also picked up a variety pack of Jelly Belly Sport Beans and some Clif Shot Bloks, but will try those on another run.

Here is this year's map of the Half Marathon.  Tonights run of 7 miles puts me past the exit of the Magic Kingdom run through and headed back to Epcot!  The race is 5 weeks from TODAY!

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Running to 2012... and BEYOND!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon - January 7, 2012

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's getting REAL!!

Today, my Magical Express information arrived in the mail.  What is Magical Express?  It's my way to get from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to the Walt Disney World Resort!

For guests staying "on property", it's an "Included" benefit.  I've gotten a special tag to put on my checked luggage so when I check it at the airport, the next time I will see it is in my room when I get to my room at Disney World!  If you want more information, just click on the picture below.


I'm staying at:

I have to try and remember to call a week before arrival to see if I can manage to request a top floor room.  Previous experience has led me to believe that the top floor is best to avoid hearing all the heavy stompers coming back from the parks if you're trying to catch some sleep early.  This will be important to me Friday night!!  I don't mind having to use the elevator... or, heaven forbid, the STAIRS!

Training News:  Tomrrow is my scheduled 7 mile run!  I'm going to be going to the running shop to pick up some samples of some "running fuel".  I want to make sure that what every I try, I'll have no... adverse effects from it while running.  I've also heard that some of these things are just plain AWFUL. So I'm going to try some out to see what I'll be taking down for the 1/2 Marathon in January.

I'm also interested in the Sport Beans.  I mean, come on!  How can you go wrong with Jelly Belly Beans???  Well... just as long as they haven't used the Harry Potter Berty Botts all flavor beans...


Oh!  The information I posted last about Dick's Sporting goods & getting a belt pouch... well, I found out that the $10 gift certificate that you get for filling out the online survey is only good for when you buy at least $50 in goods (pre-tax purchase amount)!  So, the $25 pouch won't be knocked down to $15 :(  So, IF I would have done that before the last trip, I could have gotten the socks, laces AND the pouch.
Christmas-y type news: ARRRRGH!  I've got $50 in GameStop gift cards burning a hole in my pocket... and they go and release the following:

Nintendo 3DS ZOMG! Bundle
Still out of my price range for right now.  It's $199 on-line only.  All my monies are tied up in getting to the 1/2 Marathon in January :)  Oh well!  Maybe I'll pick up the normal Cosmo Black unit if I get some Christmas Cash.  The normal unit without an included game is $169, minus the $50 in gift cards brings it to a more manageable $119.  So if I do end up with a few bucks in gift cash, I may be getting that for Christmas :)

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Running to 2012... and BEYOND!
Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon - January 7, 20