Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 3 Day 3 OUTSIDE!

Today was a decent run.  I was able to do each of the segments, I even picked up the pace a little bit on the 90 second runs. 

It was another blistering evening for weather, but no where near as humid as it was Thursday!  I'm looking forward to stepping up to week 4 of the C25K plan outside.

Went grocery shopping today (usual day to do that), and I picked up a new snack.  They're "fruit chips".  Little bags of freeze dried fruit slices.  They were quite tastey and like only 10 carbs and 45 calories.  I had the strawberry banana one today and really liked them.  I'm experimenting with snack stuffs, as I'll have a drive to Florida to do in September and I want to avoid my standard fattie snacking stuffs!  I think this snack item made the list.

Speaking of my September trip... 55 days to go as of today!!  Well, leaving in 54, will be at Disney World in 55 :)

I've also been looking for a new cooler for the trip.  We used to have a cooler that had a tray, so you could keep like luncheon meat and cheese slices out of the water/ice in the cooler.  I've not been able to find ANYTHING like that at all.  Even googling for something like that failed.  I'm looking for a cooler that's not going to be huge, I want it in the back seat so I can have access to grab a water or whatever from it while driving. 

Going to be taking meal items to speed the driving process along a little bit more and to also save some money.  Instead of eating out, we can just take some stuff with us and fix something quick at a rest area along the way.  The room I've booked has microwave and a fridge, so we should even be able to fix something quick and easy for breakfast.

Well I think I've rambled on enough for tonight.

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