Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 3 Day 2 OUTSIDE!

Since my last run didn't cause any back pain flair ups, I went ahead with my outdoor schedule with Week 3 Day 2 today.

Right out of the door, my iPhone starts crashing.  So I mess around with it for a few minutes... and then just decide to reboot it one final time and just let it sit as I start my 5 minute warm up walk.

I get done with my 5 minute warm up... and iPhone is still sitting at the Apple boot screen.  *sigh*  Well, this is when I start getting creative.  I've got my HR watch (my Polar RS300X SD) on, so I just start picking numbers out of the air.. I'll run for 2 minutes... I'll walk for a minute... I'll run for 3 minutes.

Finally, my phone buzzes on my arm... it's finally booted!  I crank up C25k and load Week 3 Day 2 into it.  I skip over the 5 minute warm up (as I've already done that and more).  So on top of my made up portion, I did the rest of the C25K W3D2!

Let me tell you, today wasn't pretty out there either!  It's raining JUST north of us (I mean just like blocks away).  But I never felt so much as a drop.  But the HUMIDITY!!  It felt like I was running in water.  Once I got back home, my running outfit looked like I had been swimming!

There was one run section I kinda died on. I'm pretty sure I was running too fast (didn't help a song I really liked was playing and I was just moving right along: Bowling for Soup - Ssss Saturday) and I just got to the point I couldn't keep my breathing normal.  Checked my watch... Yep... pushing too hard... up to 185.  For a guy 43 years old, still out of shape and grossly overweight... that's a bit high.  So I finish out walking.  It turns out it was the last run segment, so it was time to bring it home.

Oh, and there's one other thing from the past couple of runs...  I FEEL GOOD!  I can honestly say that I've not felt this way in a VERY loooong time!

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