Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 4 Day 1! NOT!

Okay, 2nd go around with running outside.  Today was MUCH cooler than Thursday evening.

Weather: 73 Degrees F and Partly Cloudy (Feels like 73).  Humidity 46%, Pressure 30.02 with the wind from the NNW at 9 MPH.

I think I'm having troubles with several things all at once.  The GPS on the iPhone is telling me that I'm going further and my pace is much different than I was going on the treadmill.

I also noticed that I was running much differently outside.  Per the GPS, my walking pace was much quicker than what I was doing on the treadmill, so by the time I'd have my 5 minute warm up done, I'd already covered much more distance than I had been on previous warm ups.  Then once I began to run, I was going more of a true run than the "penguin pace" I had been weebling along with on the treadmill.

So I began to experiment a bit while I was out on tonights workout.  I started to slow down my "run" and I was able to stretch how far I had been going, at one point getting all the way to 90 seconds constant pace.

From now on, you are going to see my posts here in my blog reference whether or not I was on Treadmill or Outside.  I'm going to push the big reset button and start Tuesday with W1D1 and see if I can work on getting used to running outside without having the treadmill pace me.

With resetting to the beginning, I'll hopefully develop a better self pacing routine and come in with better times and distance.

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