Thursday, June 9, 2011

TIMEWARP!!!! Week 3 Day 1???? WTF??

Okay, as we all know from my last post, my treadmill is acting up and is just being an all around POS right now.

So... Tonight was first try at running in a place called OUTSIDE.  I've not been very familiar with this OUTSIDE place for quite some time.  No matter!  It'll be just like I've been doing on the treadmill!  NO PROBLEM, RIGHT?

Weather: 83 Degrees F and Partly Cloudy (Feels like 86).  Humidity 61%, Pressure 29.93 with the wind from the SSW at 4 MPH.

Little #C25K lady in my ear says warm up.  Off I go.  WE'RE WALKING!

Datada!  5 Minutes later, Little #C25K lady in my ear says RUN!  Week 7 Day 2 - Supposed to be a 25 minute run.  1 minute later I'm toast.  Heart Rate monitor says I'm pushing too hard, breathing is very difficult.  WALKIES.

So, I stop the C25K app and look for something that may be a little more of a challenge than 1 minute runs.  So I pick Week 3 Day 1, after all, I became quite intimate with Week 3 having done it 3 times already on the treadmill.

I couldn't even keep up with that!  There are a few 3 minute runs interwoven and I had to run 1-walk 1-run 1 minute.  But, I kept through and completed the whole workout.

I guess this means that I've just got to run OUTSIDE more and more, because from what I hear, that is where they hold these 5K, 10K and Half Marathon things...

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