Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today... was a GOOD day. Week 2 Day 3 OUTSIDE.

  I did a lot today!

  First thing out of the gate this morning, I mowed the lawn. I made sure that I paid attention to how I was turning around so I didn't do a repeat of what I did a couple of weeks ago to tweek my knee.

  I then decided that it was well past time that my "old" car got a through  cleaning.

  I started off taking everything out of my 2000 Malibu, getting the worst of the dirt and grime cleaned out.  Then went down to the local coin-op car wash and proceeded to vacuum out the car.  I mean I got the trunk, in the seats, and the carpets.  Next up was the wash itself.  It's mostly good now, I even washed the floor mats so they even look semi-presentable now.  The drivers side mat has about had it though, as it has a hole clean through the carpet on it now.

  Came back home and proceeded to pretty much detail the inside.  Even cleaned the door jams and all.  The interior hasn't looked this good since it was turned over to me from being my company vehicle (I had it cleaned on the company dime before I bought it.)

  Next up was shower time.  I needed it.

  Then we went grocery shopping.  Then it was time for dinner and some boob tube time.

  Once I had dinner sufficiently settled down, I headed out for my run.  I decided that Week 1 Day 1 schedule is pretty brutal now for someone that's been used to running a bit more.  So I stepped it up to Week 2 Day 3.  With 90 second Run/Walk intervals it seemed like a much better plan.  It turns out, it was :) 

  Now, after a quick shower to get the sweat off and a nice cold CamelBak Insulated filled with water, I'm ready to sit down and watch tonights IndyCar race in Iowa!

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