Thursday, June 23, 2011

Excuse me, while I pull out my ugly stick... AND BEAT THE CRAP OUTTA THIS PRO-JUNK TREADMILL!

Great!  I was feeling good today, so I was determined that I was going to run today.

I get ready and go to head out the door... it's raining.  Just having not been feeling well the past couple of days, I decide that running in the rain isn't such a good idea right now.

I then decided to plug in the piece of junk Pro-Form 930i treadmill.  From now on, it's to go by the name Pro-Junk.  As I've stated before, I've had problems with this machine ever since the 90 day (yes, should have been a big $Q#!!#@$'n warning right there) ran out, it's had problems.  Mostly not recognizing button pushes.  Not so bad if you're just walking along for an amount of time, but trying to do the C25K program on this Hunk-o-garbage is now next to impossible.

At least I chose Week 5 Day 1 to return to treadmill running on, which has some longer run/walk segments.  For the first 18 minutes, the Pro-Junk had me fooled.  It was working normally again.  Then after my 2nd run segment... doesn't recognize button pushes.  ARGH!  I mess around with  the controls for almost a minute before it finally slows down.  Then it was all downhill.. wait.. No!  It wasn't downhill, as the damn deck is stuck at an incline since it won't recognize the buttons.  Well, my legs got a better workout I guess.

I manage to get through my workout, albeit with a highly elevated stress level.

If anyone is in the market for a treadmill, I'd recommend that you NOT look at Pro-Form Fitness. 

Oh, and for those of you that may ask, the recommended fix is a new control console, which costs over half of what I paid for the treadmill to begin with.  Up yours, Pro-Junk Fitness.  From other message boards on the Internet, I've found that people have changed out the control console to be faced with the exact same problem, as little as a week later.

Thanks for putting up with this post!  Regards,


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