Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 4 Day 1 of C25K IN 'DA BOOKS!

  1. Warm Up - 5 Minutes
  2. Jog - 3 Minutes
  3. Walk - 90 Seconds
  4. Jog - 5 Minutes
  5. Walk - 2.5 Minutes
  6. Jog - 3 Minutes
  7. Walk - 90 Seconds
  8. Jog - 5 Minutes
  9. Cool Down - 5 Minutes
 Yes, that's week 4 in a nutshell.  I admit, it wasn't pretty and the last 5 minute jog was more like 4 minute jog with some really fast walking at the end.

I can really see that this is probably going to be a repeater week, as looking ahead to Week 5 has the first jog that a lot of people quit the program over.  W5D3 is a 20 minute jog.  I think if I repeat week 4 I'll have more stamina to go into week 5.

This probably puts me at looking to enter a real 5K race sometime this summer.  I see that a hometown of some family members has a 5K race near the end of July, which is sometimes around our family reunion time.  It'd be kinda neat to do that one with a possibility of having some family support.  No reunion plans have been made yet, so I'll have to keep open on planning anything firm.

I'm also hoping that the cool and rainy weather will soon be over and I can start giving actual "road" running a start.  All is fine and good on the treadmill, but it still isn't like running outside.  I'm wondering if I'll do better or worse outside.

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