Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 10 Report!

Well, Dad isn't at home, so we're taking his number from the end of last week, before he headed up to Orlando.

Week Date Kipp Loss Weekly% Overall% Dad Loss Weekly% Overall%
10 5/31/2011 257 3 1.15% 6.55% 216 1 0.46% 4.85%

Once again, I'm rather surprised by my number for this week.  The saving grace is that over the holiday weekend, we had cheeseburgers and hot dogs, but they were singular in quantity.  A cheeseburger, beans & Potato salad, all with listed SINGLE portion sizes.  Sticking to this has helped tremendously.  I'm horrible with portion control.

If I can continue on this pace, I'll be ready to send off another $25 to Give Kids the World soon!

As far as hitting the treadmill tonight, I totally lost track of time on something I was working on, and almost forgot to call Dad!  So, I'll be back on it tomorrow and hopefully it'll work. If not, I may try Day 1 again, only doing it outside!

On a disappointing note, I dropped my Camelbak bottle today at work, and busted the flip tab off.  :-(  I'm looking to see what it'll cost to buy a new top for it.  If it's too bad, I'll just get a new bottle.  Somehow in the move, I've lost my stainless insulated Camelbak that I had.  Lost, or it's still somehow packed in one of the few remaining boxes I have left!  I'm thinking that it may have been a left behind casualty.
Diz-no-tron Counter (subject to name change at any given time, especially if pending legal action) 

Today is: 5/31/2011

Walt Disney World Trip: 9/2/2011 94
Disney World 1/2 Marathon: 1/7/2012 221

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Walt Disney World 1/2 Marathon - January 7, 2012

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