Sunday, April 17, 2011

The week filled with a big bowl of SUCK

 So I started off last Sunday with Week 3 Day 1 of C25K.  I also got something off of E-bay that I'd really like to start working with, a heart rate monitor gadget.  Polar RS300X SD

Awsome!  Right?  I had an E-bay bucks voucher for just over $30, so this purchase was down to $90 for an item that's $250 new!  I absolutely stoked about getting this!

*begin ominous music*  It was shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  It was to be at the house on Tuesday.  I checked the tracking Tuesday night because I didn't have my cool new gadget in hand!  Hmmm...  USPS tracking says it was delivered just after noon.  Strange.  Looked outside.  Checked with neighbor.  Mom was here at the house all day and no one rang the door bell.

*begin Benny Hill chase music*  I call USPS.  If you've never done this before, I recommend that you have blood pressure medicine on hand BEFORE you call.  This is an exercise in futility.  Four different menu options gave me the same result.  The same information that was on the tracking web page.  It SAYS it's been delivered.  Finally after meandering through some seemingly random menu options, I FINALLY get to talk to someone.  I now have a "case number".  Big whoop.  They also took down my phone number.  "If you don't hear back from us in a couple of days, call back".  Well, I'm calling back on Monday, but it appears that my cool new gadget is now in the hands of someone that just decided to keep a package not marked for them.  You know, when you call something Track & Confirm, I'd figure that CONFIRM part would mean that they checked to make sure they were delivering it to the right !@$#!@$'n address.  Apparently it just means "Yeah, we delivered it someplace."

I've read through E-bay and Paypal gobldygook, and it's pretty much looking like I'm just out of luck on my money.  This is my first bad experience in 10 years of dealings with E-bay.  To boot, it's not the sellers fault.  They seem to have DONE their part.  It's the USPS's fault for not delivering it correctly.

So that pretty much put me in a foul mood for most of this week.  I wasn't even all that excited Tuesday night when we did our weigh in.

Then the last part, what would have been my best friends 45th birthday: 
Brian K Morton - April 16, 1966 - October 21, 1992
For whatever reason, this year has seem to hit me harder on this than has been in the recent past.  The day was just a crappy day for me all together.  Ending what's been a crappy week.
Well, we'll see what next week brings.
Thanks for reading this rant!  Regards,

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