Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 3 Report

Now on to this weeks results between Dad and I:

Another 3 pounds for me and it will be time to make my first donation to Give Kids the World.  Let's hope that is next week!  :)

Today was Week 3 Day 2 on the C25K workout plan.  The app on the iPhone went a little bit nuts today.  I started off and the music wouldn't play.  I figured what the hey, I'll just live without music today.

I knew something was wrong when I hit minute 7 of the 5 minute warm up...  Then the app hit the first 90 second run segment.  2 and a half minutes later I'm really fumbling with the phone to try and figure out what is going on!  I get back down to walk speed and I restart the app.  Luckily the app allows you to kind of skip around in the segments, probably for this type of reason.  Ended up I did about 6 minutes extra today than what was "scheduled".

If I thought I was leaking after Sundays workout, it was doubly so today!  I've gone ahead and picked up some "tech T-shirts" from Target.  They are on the cheap side, which was good.  They're made by Champion.  Very colorful, to say the least.  I got 3 at $10 each, one GREEN!, one YELLOW! and one ORANGE!.  Exclamations, because yes, they are LOUD!  So far it has been much more comfortable to workout in those shirts than my regular cotton t-shirts.

Now that the run segments are getting longer, I'm finding that I'm going to need to do something different in the downstairs department.  Jean shorts just aren't really cut out for this type of workout... if you know what I mean.  (If you don't know what I mean, I'M not spelling it out for you.)

Well, going to wrap this report up for now.  Until next time

Thanks for reading!  Regards,


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