Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lesson Learned...

Yea!  New shoes today!  I've switched from the motion control of the Brooks Addiction 8's I've been wearing, to the Stability style of the Brooks Adrenaline

After doing Week 1 Day 3 of C25K today, my feet are feeling fine!  These new shoes are soooo much lighter than the Addiction!  In my previous runs the past couple of weeks, my feet were kinda achy after my workout.  I was chalking it up to, you know, being fat.  I cannot recommend enough for anyone considering starting up on something like C25K, go to a REAL running store.  A running store will actually have you walk/run in a pair of shoes on a treadmill or in their store.  They will be looking for how your foot falls while you are doing your thing. 

They will then make recommendations for you.  Since I have such a wide foot (4E!), I'm rather limited in my choices in shoes that actually come in a width that large.  So far, Brooks have seem to fit my feet the best.  So far, every running store I've been to have all had the same mantra.  "You buy the shoe that fits you, not the shoe you like how it looks".  For the most part, I've found that I can live with how most of the Brooks line looks.

Now, on to my lesson learned.  I worked late Thursday night, which would have been my normal 3rd day in the C25K cycle.  I skipped it because I was so tired that night.  I then proceeded to skip it last night also.  Today, I can really tell that I skipped too much time, as my legs feel more like they did at the end of last week, instead of how well they felt earlier this week.

I want to get back onto my original schedule of Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.  So I think tomorrow will be a challenge.

I think I will progress onto Week 2 of C25K beginning tomorrow!

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