Monday, June 20, 2016

Whew! Made it through the first day of Week 3!

C25K W3 D1
It was a warm one out there for my 1st day of Week 3!  I managed fairly well.  I wound up having to pause or slow down a couple of times in the 3 minute segments, but I started getting into the swing of things.  I'm fairly sure that week 3 will not be a repeat week.

Instead of waiting until after dinner, I did this one right after I got home from work.  Bad storms are entering the area for tonight and I wanted to make sure I got it in!

Well, I made it in plenty of time, as the storms didn't start in this area until a shore while ago (about 8:30-8:45 PM).  

10K Steps Goal Achieved!
I was also able to him my minimum 10,000 steps for today!  Maybe even over 11,000 by the time I hit the sack tonight.

Weigh-In tomorrow!

Well, we'll see if tomorrow comes through any better than last week!  Since I've been more active, I'm hoping to see a little something for the effort!

Looking over to the right side of my blog, I see that I have 82 days (or less, depending on when you read this) until I'm on vacation at Disney World again!

We are also now under the 200 day count until WDW Marathon Weekend as well!

Tomorrow or Wednesday (I think) I should be hearing back about setting up room reservations for January!

Garmin Watch Development
My Garmin FR230 with my custom Mickey Mouse Watch Face
Since Apple has the Mickey Watch face, I decided to create my own Mickey Mouse watch face for my Garmin Forerunner 230.  Since Mickey is licenced with Apple, this is not official by any means.  It's just something for myself (and some friends...)

The file size is HUGE due to the Development kit having nothing to be able to rotate the images of the hands.  So, I had to create a separate image for each minute and each hour and half hour positions.

In Garmin's development message forums, it was stated that it would be in a future build.  That was stated a long time ago.  Given new information, I don't think it's coming at all.

Well, Dev build 2.10 beta just released, and I'm none to happy to hear about this.  You cannot use any of the 2.0 Dev kits for the "OLDER" watches!!!  Are you F'n KIDDING ME!!??!!
Yes, indeed.  Only the devices in YELLOW in the chart above can take advantage of the new version.

It get's even BETTER!  The current build that I use will only be supported for 6 more months!  So that means, as developers that create apps for the Garmin's will eventually quit making builds for the other watches because it'll just be a pain in the ass to support 2 ore more different versions of apps!!!

Now, in 2.0+, they still do not have the facility to be able to rotate an image.  That has become a moot point.  So, 1 maybe 2 more updates before the end of the year.

So, Garmin is basically saying that you're watch will only have a program lifespan of 2 years, after that, sucks to be you.  Sorry, you just bought your watch?  Yeah, programs for it will be obsolete next year sometime.

IT GETS EVEN BETTER!  The next round of firmware updates for watches will only allow for signed apps to run on the watch.  BUT!  Only 2.0+ apps can be signed.  So, in essence, I will not be able to use my Mickey Mouse watch face in the future at some point.

So, either I stop updating my firmware... which could make it stop working with the Garmin web dashboard at some point... or I just give up on my Mickey Mouse Watch face...  bastards just want you to buy a new watch every 2 years.

End of rant.

Thanks for Reading!
Regards, ~Kipp
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